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Rushan: Small Blueberries Propel Prosperity in Rural Areas


RUSHAN, China, April 10, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

On April 2, stepping into the blueberry nursery greenhouse of Baixing Agriculture in Rushan, Shandong Province, one could see lively blueberry seedlings in pots. Workers were packing blueberry seedlings into boxes, preparing them for nationwide distribution.

As a leading force in Rushan’s blueberry industry, Baixing Agriculture has invested over 60 million yuan in constructing 43 soilless substrate blueberry warm sheds, 8 cold sheds, and over 50 seedling greenhouses, with a total blueberry cultivation area of about 1,500 acres, bringing prosperity to over 10 surrounding villages and over 280 households of villagers.

In recent years, Rushan has prioritized the blueberry industry as a pillar for agricultural growth. By leveraging the expertise of leading enterprises such as Baixing Agriculture and Borui Blueberry, the city has driven industry development. An integrated “farming-processing-marketing” model has been implemented through the establishment of a regional chain development system involving “enterprises + village cooperatives + farmers”. The city has actively built platforms for in-depth exchanges and cooperation between agricultural colleges and blueberry enterprises and large-scale growers, through which over 20 new varieties such as the “Asia East Series” and “JD Series” have been nurtured. Relying on the Blueberry Industry Association, it regularly conducts breeding, promotion, and planting of new varieties, gradually guiding blueberry growers to engage in greenhouse substrate planting, shortening the time to market for fresh blueberries, and increasing the economic benefits of the blueberry industry.

After years of continuous development, the cultivation area of “Rushan Blueberries” in Rushan has expanded to 13,000 acres, producing 9,000 tons of fresh blueberries, with a total production value of 540 million yuan. “Rushan Blueberries” has been successively awarded the National Geographic Indication Trademark and the National Special and New Agricultural Products, becoming a shining business card for Rushan.

Next, Rushan will continue to increase its support for the blueberry planting industry, issue more preferential policies to drive industry investment and employment, promote the development of the entire blueberry industry chain, and continuously enhance the brand influence and market competitiveness of Rushan Blueberries.

Source: Information Office of People's Government of Rushan