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Rushan: “Weaving” Happy Life for Residents with Meticulous Planning


RUSHAN, China, Feb. 7, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

In recent years, Rushan City of Shandong Province has shifted its urban development focus from mere expansion to enhancing its essence. Through meticulous urban planning and continuous improvement in construction and management, the city’s transformation is evident everywhere, constantly refreshing its urban look.

In urban development, roads pave the way. Rushan has been advancing municipal road construction and refurbishment, optimizing the city’s road network structure. By renovating old roads and connecting dead-end routes, it creates an integrated road network that facilitates smooth internal travel and seamless external connections. This not only enhances convenience for citizens but also provides robust support for expanding the city’s development space.

Rushan City prioritizes high-quality planning, construction, and management, actively promoting urban greening and beautification through the cultivation of native plants. This has resulted in diverse and colorful plant communities, providing residents with picturesque urban countryside views year-round. In 2023, an investment of 38.80 million yuan added 33,000 square meters of new urban green space, enhancing the city’s beauty and livability.

Urban development prioritizes both appearance and substance. Since 2015, Rushan City has embarked on comprehensive renovations of old residential areas, investing a total of 6.8 billion yuan to refurbish over 1,600 residential buildings, benefiting 47,000 households. Leveraging the city’s pipeline information system, a scientific plan for municipal pipeline construction and improvement has been developed, exploring an integrated management model for pipeline maintenance to ensure smooth drainage operations.

Next, Rushan City will further enhance its urban infrastructure, including road and utility networks, parks and squares, education and childcare facilities, commercial services, as well as cultural, sports, and medical amenities. This ensures that public resources are precisely tailored to meet the needs of citizens, reflecting the city’s commitment to a people-centered urban development.

Source: Information Office of Rushan Municipal People’s Government

Source: Information Office of Rushan Municipal People's Government