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Sanya, China: Innovate to Create Diversified Cultural Tourism Industry Chain

SANYA, China
Damao Yuanyang Eco Village

Recently, the 5th Hainan International Film Festival concluded in Sanya, Hainan, attracting guests from home and abroad as well as tourists to gather in Sanya, driving the popularity of the city continue to rise.

"Our hotel room occupancy reached 90% in November, and in December, as a number of large-scale events such as the Hainan International Film Festival opened, the room occupancy averaged 96.8% from 1st December to 18th December, and weekends are basically full," Cai Liwei, marketing and sales director of InterContinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort said.

In recent years, Sanya has actively developed "culture +", "eco +", "intangible cultural heritage +", "rural +" and many other new forms of business, and has launched a great variety of tourism consumer products such as gourmet food, wedding, ecology, countryside, recreation and health, study, and sports. It has organised all kinds of cultural and tourism competition events and activities, effectively activating the vitality of the cultural tourism consumer market. In 2023, Sanya's tourism and accommodation facilities are expected to receive more than 25 million overnight tourists, with a total overnight tourism revenue of 89.34 billion yuan, an increase of 7.48% and 47.83% respectively compared with that of 2019.

Damao Yuanyang Eco Village is a local must-visit destination that has gained huge popularity on the Internet. It offers a wide range of activities such as jungle adventure, RV camping, greenway cycling, and orchard picking. As the village creates its rural tourism brand and innovating on "agriculture +" tourism, education, sports and more, the multi-industry integration has boosted the income increase of local farmers.

According to the Publicity Department of Sanya Municipal Party Committee, the next step, Sanya City will continue to focus on fashion consumption, cruises and yachts, cultural relics and arts, digital culture, etc., and constantly innovate consumption scenes, accelerate the construction of "tourism + multi-industry" and develop new pattern of tourism, aiming at building an international tourist destination of high standards and high quality.

Source: Publicity Department of Sanya Municipal Party Committee

Source: Publicity Department of Sanya Municipal Party Committee