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Saudi Arabia Records Increase in the Recruitment Contracts of Domestic Workers in 2021

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

– Recruitment from several New Countries Added in 2022

According to “Musaned” platform of the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which is specialized in the recruitment of domestic workers, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recorded an increase in the total recruitment contracts of domestic workers during the fourth quarter of the year 2021, where the rate of increase between October and December reached more than 15%.

Saudi Arabia is utilizing “Musaned” platform to add several new countries to the recruitment of workers in the current year 2022. The Kingdom is also keen to have the domestic workers exported from the new countries fit the Saudi family, based on several studies and criteria, including: epidemics, crime rate, language, educational level, expected recruitment cost, salaries, and other criteria.

The platform indicated that the recruitment contracts of the domestic workers recorded an increase during the fourth quarter of the last year by amounting to 65,000 contracts in October, rising in November to more than 69,000 contracts, while in December they exceeded the ceiling of 76,000 contracts, thus recording a steady increase in the number of recruitment contracts at the end of 2021.

“Musaned” platform indicated that Bangladesh topped the list of countries with the highest domestic workers recruitment contracts during the month of December of the year 2021 with more than 12 thousand contracts, while Pakistan came second with more than 11 thousand contracts, followed by the India with about 11 thousand contracts. The latter recorded in December a higher turnout in issuing contracts compared to the months of October and November.

Based on the November records, Philippines recorded 13,000 recruitment contracts, followed by the Bangladesh with 13,000 contracts, and Egypt with more than 9,000 contracts. Philippines recorded the same figure of 13,000 contracts in October, while the number from Bangladesh rose to more than 11,000 contracts, and Uganda ranked third with about 10,000 contracts.

It is worth noting that “Musaned” platform aims to govern, automate and facilitate the procedures of the recruitment of domestic workers and increase the level of protection of the rights of all parties by managing the contracting process between individuals and the recruitment offices, in addition to the management of the relationship between the Saudi recruitment offices and the domestic workers offices in the workers exporting countries.

Source: ALSON World

Source: Alson