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“Saying Love You in Liuyang City” Large Immersive Firework Show Blooming

"Saying Love You in Liuyang City" large immersive firework show in Liuyang city

In the evening of July 30, the debut of “Saying love you in Liuyang city — Large Immersive Firework Show” bursted into bloom wonderfully in audiences’ exclamation and love expression between lovers.

All the audiences experienced this fantastic and technical firework show for nearly 80 minutes, which was composed of sound, lighting, shadow, drama and flame. This firework show was presented a visual feast for all audiences on the spot and on line by means of fireworks and multimedia technologies multiple crossover, according to the Publicity Department of Liuyang City.

The firework show presented in three chapters lasting for nearly 80 minutes. In the first and second chapters, different shapes of fireworks bloomed in the air with romantic or passionate music. In the third chapter, 520 drones staged romantic Chinese characters such as “saying love in Liuyang city”, “watching sunrise and sunset with you” and romantic “dancing with your lover” display.

Liuyang fireworks industry is now forming an industry cluster with line operation, designing, packing, printing, storage logistics and culture creativity. In recent years, Liuyang city has accelerated supply-side structural reform of fireworks industry, and achieved the goal of transformation and upgrading of industrial sectors.

Source: The Publicity Department of Liuyang City