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ScentAir Continues its Sustainability Initiatives to Enhance Immersive Sensory Experience


For 25 years, ScentAir, the scent marketing leader, has been committed to enhancing environments, brands and experiences through improved air quality and the power of scent. With businesses and consumers worldwide taking part in the ScentAir experience, ScentAir continues to accelerate environmental, cultural and economic sustainability for driving positive impact on society.

In its recently released “Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2022-2023”, ScentAir affirms that fragrance safety and sustainability are at the core of its business. As the only scent marketing industry member of International Fragrance Association (IFRA), ScentAir is given access to the latest data insight on fragrance safety and therefore able to create clear safety guidelines for its partners throughout the supply chain. ScentAir fragrances meet all known global regulatory standards such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and EU Reach, certificated and validated to be free of any toxins, known carcinogens or respiratory allergens and do not contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions from livestock management.

As a global organization, ScentAir understands that its products touch the lives of countless consumers, and that they must be safe not only for people but for the planet in a long run. It has therefore rolled out a series of sustainability initiatives in recent years. With the introduction of quarterly cartridge shipping schedules, ScentAir removed 1.2 million shipments annually; thanks to smart volume selection processes, the need for 46,000 plastic scent cartridges was eliminated. Overall, the company reduced carbon emissions by 7.2 tons per year. It is also working on more sustainability initiatives such as a scent cartridge redesign that will use less plastic and is easier for consumers to recycle.

Ms Chloe Hui, VP and General Manager of ScentAir APAC, said that scent is more than meets the nose and that ScentAir takes its role as a global corporate citizen very seriously. She said, “we believe that scent is tied to lifestyle, culture and experience.”

“As seen and applauded in our project with Van Gogh Alive, our fragrance taps into the world of art and forms a significant part of a global cultural experience. The complex fragrance we chose for the exhibition becomes a unique olfactory trademark that visitors will always associate with Van Gogh’s artwork.”

ScentAir is also proactive in reaching out to different communities to maximize the positive impact it can potentially bring to the world. Chloe reflected, “we believe in diversity and inclusion, and so we are excited about the opportunities to work with like-minded partners such as Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation (DIDF), who strives to change public attitude towards people with visual impairment and hearing impairment from sympathy to empathy, from disability to ability.”

“By introducing scents to the DIDF’s unique experience where participants are deprived of the visual sense but have to rely on their other senses of smell, touch, hear and even taste to “see” to accomplish missions, we offer stimulants to both the participants’ and the tour guides’ sense of smell, making the famous darkness experience all the more immersive, inspiring and intriguing. They are also given the opportunities to learn about our scents and buy our fragrance products”, she added.


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