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ScentAir Steps Up Efforts to Address Customers’ Concern Over Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a top concern for consumers, as recent studies showed.

ScentAir, the scent marketing leader, continues to lead the way in helping brands globally address customers’ concerns, as cases surge in China amid lockdowns.

Since March, China has been grappling with the worst COVID-19 outbreak, with Shanghai being the largest single city locked down to date. Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong estimate that a two-week lockdown in such megacities as Shanghai could cost China 2% of its monthly GDP[1].

With the virus now being confirmed as an airborne threat, questions over indoor air quality have become something companies must address before they can conduct their businesses and interact with their customers.

According to ScentAir’s 2021 research on customer expectation for indoor air quality and safety protocol, people are now much more health conscious than pre-pandemic; and they are highly concerned about indoor air quality, with 91% of the respondents considering clean air important when visiting indoor businesses. In terms of safety protocol, 82% of them rate air purifications as the most important protocol[2] comparing to physical barriers.

In response, ScentAir has been investing heavily in developing new product lines to help businesses adapt and achieve sustainability. It launched ION Protect(TM), an air purification system that, proven by recent independent testing commissioned by the US Defense Department, can actively reduce 99.8% of SARS-COV-2 and hundreds of other airborne pathogens without producing harmful byproduct. Unlike common air purifiers that wait for harmful particles to run through them, ScentAir ION Protect purifiers seek out pollutants in the air. Patented NPBI(TM) (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization) technology releases ions into the air that attract health hazards and disable them. It is an active process that provides continuous disinfection at low maintenance cost.

Chloe Hui, VP and General Manager of ScentAir APAC, said, “ScentAir sets the new standard of clean by combining the benefits of improved indoor air quality and scenting.” She explained, “When entering a store, customers nowadays not only want nice smell; they want to smell clean, fresh and safe. The change of expectations is strongly felt by customer-facing brands, as many of them come to us for a solution.

“Recently, for instance, via our integrated scenting and air purification solutions, we helped a grade-A mixed-used 31-storey development in Guangzhou Tian district in China, the center of high-tech industry, transform its 240,000 m² space into a truly customer experience led property. Through lonization, our system produces nature-like purification, without any toxic Ozone byproduct. This allows tenants to come into the property, feeling healthier, safer and cleaner; likewise, at the central business district of Hong Kong, we helped a premium restaurant that promises to be the city’s latest lifestyle concept restore consumer confidence in indoor spaces by filling it with a warm and inviting fragrance experience, on top of active and continuing air purification that gives them peace of mind. Furthermore, building on the success of ScentAir ION Protect, ScentAir has partnered with HealthWay to bring a third air purification category to the ScentAir line — air filtration. Featuring HealthWay’s patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology, ScentAir’s new in-room solutions help create safe and clean experiences in high-traffic spaces.”

It is worth noting that home fragrance sales surged due to the pandemic. Research by NPD Group found that 85% of consumers indicated using home scents in 2020; and candles alone, as the most-used home scent product, recorded a 17% increase in sales[3].

“With more and more people working from home, scenting helps us unwind and enhance our home experience. ScentAir is happy to support our clients to engage with their customers even when they are at home. Through a collection of customizable fragrance merchandises, ScentAir has empowered brands such as KOOKAI and Westin Hotels to stay remembered, even at a time when shops were closed or travel was banned. We give our clients more creative options to connect with their customers, and naturally extend the brand experience to their customers’ home,” Chloe continued.


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