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SDAIA, Google Cloud to launch training program to empower women in AI sector

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, 5th Oct

SDAIA has partnered with American tech firm Google to launch a global program that will look to reduce the gender gap in the technological sector, especially artificial intelligence.

The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence announced the new initiative named ‘Elevate’, in association with Google Cloud, during the 2nd Global AI Summit in Riyadh on Sept. 15.

Elevate is a global program which aims to use AI to reduce the gender gap by empowering more than 25,000 women globally in the next five years. The program will provide free accessible training to women in tech and science, empowering them and pursuing the growing number of job opportunities in the field of data and artificial intelligence.

Speaking at the event virtually, Princess Haifa Bint Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin, Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, said that women are underrepresented in the field of AI and technology.

“At the moment, when digital technologies are reshaping everyday life, we cannot deny that women are underrepresented in AI and STEM fields in general. Women only represent 3 percent of Nobel prize laureates in science and only 12 percent of artificial Intelligence researchers globally,” said Princess Al-Muqrin.

She said that this inequality is depriving the world of enormous untapped talent, insisting that women’s involvement and perspectives are needed in the technology sector to make it work for everyone.

The program has two tracks: the technical track for Data Engineer, Cloud Architect, ML Engineer & Data Scientist will make 30% of the program trainees. The non-technical track for Cloud Business Enthusiast will make 70% of the program trainees.

To register at Elevate please visit the link

Source: SDAIA