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Seed Expands into Children’s Health with Launch of Its First Clinically Studied Pediatric Synbiotic


— PDS-08(TM) reflects Seed’s mission to bring scientific rigor,
efficacy, and novel data generation to the global category of

Seed ( ), the microbiome science company pioneering clinically and scientifically studied next-generation probiotics, today launched its first pediatric innovation, PDS-08(TM) Pediatric Daily Synbiotic, a clinically studied, two-in-one powdered synbiotic formulated for children and adolescents (ages 3 to 17) with 9 probiotic strains and a fiber-based prebiotic. This launch follows Seed’s award-winning flagship synbiotic for adults, DS-01(TM) Daily Synbiotic, and extends the company’s mission to steward the next generation of probiotics to the children’s health market.

Over the past decade, research has illuminated the significant role of the microbiome in a developing child and how factors like diet, exercise, environment, use of antibiotics, sleep, and hygiene can influence critical windows of development and inform their systemic health through adulthood. Alongside these factors, probiotics for adults and pediatrics have tremendous potential for impact, though appropriate skepticism and confusion remain due to the plethora of unvalidated benefits marketed today.

“With a greater understanding of the pediatric microbiome—and how probiotic interventions can be used to support it—we can deliver on the promise of probiotics by advancing clinically studied interventions with validated doses and protocols, coupled with improved outcomes for infants and children,” said Dr. James Versalovic, Pathologist-in-Chief at Texas Children’s Hospital, Director of Texas Children’s Microbiome Center, and Seed Health Scientific Board member.

Science-First Approach to Children’s Probiotics

PDS-08(TM) is a clinically studied probiotic and prebiotic formulated with 9 probiotic strains—each with published dose-response data—and mixed-chain prebiotic fibers to preferentially support probiotic activity in the GI tract. PDS-08(TM) is also engineered to optimize probiotic survivability and stability through digestion, with delivery technology that safeguards select strains from stomach acid, enzymes and bile salts.

In addition to 18 clinical studies validating strain-specific benefits ( ) across gut barrier integrity, gut-immune function, dermatological health and respiratory health, PDS-08(TM) was evaluated in a 12-week, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial, demonstrating support for gastrointestinal function and healthy regularity in a pediatric population. The trial analysis employed state-of-the-art bioinformatics from the Mason Lab ( ), which specializes in next-generation sequencing, functional genomics, and algorithms to elucidate human disease mechanisms.

“Over the last decade, the velocity of microbiome science discoveries that transform our understanding of each phase and aspect of a child’s health has been unprecedented,” remarked Raja Dhir, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Seed. “With advanced bioinformatics, unique clinical endpoints, and novel bioinformatics, we now have a deeper understanding of the pediatric microbiome to unlock novel applications for probiotics.”

Key PDS-08(TM) clinical insights and formulation highlights:

– Easy, frequent bowel movements, without stimulants

Children taking PDS-08(TM) and experiencing intermittent constipation (less than 5 weekly bowel movements) saw an increase in regular, healthy weekly BMs—a significant finding considering as many as 30% of children ( ) struggle with intermittent, constipation-related GI distress.

– Benefits in and beyond the gut

PDS-08(TM) is formulated with strains clinically studied in a pediatric population to support digestive health, gut barrier integrity, gut-immune function, and dermatological and respiratory health.

– Advanced respiratory health support

PDS-08(TM) is the first multi-strain synbiotic to include two pioneering strains clinically validated ( ) to support respiratory health in children, including healthy respiratory tract function and a healthy response to seasonal airborne particles.

– Novel prebiotic to help bridge the fiber gap

95% ( ) of children and adults in the U.S. do not reach their daily recommended fiber intake. PDS-08(TM)’s novel prebiotic blend offers 5 grams of prebiotic fiber per serving to help bridge the fiber gap and complement a healthy diet.

– Increased Bifidobacterium

As demonstrated via metagenomic shotgun sequencing, PDS-08(TM) was shown to significantly enrich Bifidobacterium (native, commensal bacteria linked to the maintenance and improvement of digestive and immune function) in the pediatric gut microbiome.

– Exceptionally well-tolerated

Children taking PDS-08(TM) had no observed side effects or GI distress such as stomach pain, bloating, gas, or diarrhea, as commonly reported with many fiber-based dietary supplements, probiotics, and high-dose fermentable prebiotics.

Setting a New Standard in Children’s Probiotics

“While there is evidence to support probiotic intervention for select pediatric conditions, the marketing and commercialization are often ahead of the science. In a sea of hyperbolic claims and misinformation, choosing the right probiotic for your child can feel paralyzing,” explained Ara Katz, Co-CEO and Co-Founder. “With PDS-08(TM), we set out to develop a clinically validated pediatric innovation to elevate the category and offer a science-first option parents and pediatricians can trust.”

PDS-08(TM) is the company’s first consumer launch since the announcement of its $40 million Series A last year and marks Seed’s entry into the fast-growing global children’s health and wellness market. In collaboration with a Scientific Board of leading microbiome researchers, clinicians, and academic partners, Seed’s platform translates breakthrough science across a pipeline of applications in gastrointestinal and digestive health, women’s health, skin and oral care, pediatrics, mental health, metabolic function, and nutrition.

For pediatricians, parents, and caregivers— ( )

PDS-08(TM) Need-to-Knows

– Available by subscription for $39.99/month at ( ).

– Sustainably delivered ( ) with a refill system comprised of novel biomaterials.

– First month includes a free, refillable BacTrac(TM) container with a built-in daily tracking system, so parents never miss a day.

– No refrigeration required.

– Free from sugar, artificial colorants, flavors, preservatives, and 14 classes of allergens ( ).

– Over 50 quality-assurance and quality-control checkpoints ( ), including purity, potency and survivability validation, whole-genome sequencing and heat, humidity and allergen testing.

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Seed Health is a microbiome science company pioneering innovations in probiotics and living medicines to impact human and planetary health. Founded to realize the potential of microbes, our platform enables the translation of breakthrough science across a portfolio encompassing both indication-specific and preventive applications for gastrointestinal and digestive health, women’s health, skin and oral care, pediatrics, mental health, metabolic function, and nutrition. Our consumer innovations are commercialized under Seed(R) ( ) with a mission to bring much-needed precision, efficacy, education, and perspective-shifting science communication to the global category of probiotics. Environmental research is conducted under SeedLabs ( ), which was founded to develop novel bacterial interventions to enhance biodiversity and restore ecosystems impacted by human activity.

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Source: Seed Health