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General Primed for Global Launch of TeamSpaces, Its Innovative Collaborative Workspace


Enabling the seamless and secure sharing of AI models and datasets on one convenient platform, a Singapore-based AI and data marketplace startup, announced today the global launch of its collaborative workspace, TeamSpaces(, embedded within the native platform. This allows for an easier way in which teams can collaborate and build within a secured and private space.

Many companies today face challenges of adopting AI mainly because they lack the skillsets to develop AI models. solves this by providing ready-to-use AI models that are made available as APIs to software developers who are less skilled in AI or data science. This makes adopting AI faster in companies and may reduce the time taken by more than two thirds!

Similar to the value proposition of’s AI-as-a-service platform, TeamSpaces can help overcome the different challenges when it comes to adopting technology to enhance business practices in the development space. Users are able to collaborate on algorithms of any source without restrictions, with access available on both cloud and in-house systems, together with easier project management tools and functions. In addition, users can also invite fellow collaborators into their TeamSpaces to share datasets or APIs as a sandbox, or create multiple sandboxes for ecosystem partners, and soon to be available, able to implement the no-code AI Model or analytics editor into solutions,

“Having been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, the efficiency of data and AI cannot be overstated as we move further into the digital revolution. The creation and adoption of TeamSpaces will allow developers everywhere to not just take advantage of the advanced tools at’s disposal, but also work even closer with their partners to bring creative vision to life,” said Christopher Yeo, CEO of “We have every intention to support the platform and innovations like TeamSpaces for the long term, and will continue to refine and improve our offerings to ensure that everyone in the industry can benefit and pave the way to a brighter future.”

Regardless if it is a startup or an established enterprise looking to recruit the best data scientists or AI engineers, or seeking a vibrant ecosystem of innovation partners, the assistance provided by TeamSpaces is undeniable and invaluable. By mastering collaboration and embracing efficiency made possible by this truly collaborative workspace, companies can count on both internal and external support, backed up by a secure and conducive environment.

With subscriptions plans or license fees that are available in the public cloud or private cloud/on-premise setups respectively, TeamSpaces is able to deliver immense value for an affordable price, with packages that cater to specific industries and needs. Past use-cases of TeamSpaces have led to decreased costs of up to 50%, as well as increased productivity and innovation. Owners retain a high degree of control and the flexibility of delegation, with seamless integration into other software providers to drive even more output.’s aim to change the narrative of AI adoption with ready-to-use solutions continues with TeamSpaces, and developers will only benefit from this latest innovation.


Founded in 2017, is a Singapore artificial intelligence (AI) start-up aimed at allowing anyone with little or no AI skills to create AI-enabled applications or AI­-driven services by embedding AI capabilities into their applications.’s investors include A*ccelerate, the commercialising arm of A*STAR, and has received funding from the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore. believes that AI should be made natural and accessible. The start-up is now in its Series B1 phase.

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