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MILAN, November, 14

Sentinel CH. SpA today announced the launch of SENTiNAT(R) 200, the fully automated sample to result system, and SENT-NAT(R) SN200 Real-Time PCR assays for the quantitative detection of 10 viruses. SENTiNAT(R) 200 and STAT-NAT(R) SN200 kits represent the ideal solution for mid to large throughput laboratories engaged in the diagnosis of viral infections.

SENTiNAT(R) 200 is a compact platform for the DNA/RNA extraction, PCR set up and amplification, that includes 2 integrated thermal cyclers and the analysis software FastFinder. The system combines throughput, automation and flexibility to better adapt to the various laboratory needs: it performs the multiparametric analysis of up to 15 viruses in the same run, processing from one up to 48 samples in 4 hours. The intuitive software, that guides the operator through all the phases of the instrument set up, and the barcode reader for samples and reagents help to reduce the human error. The operator can access to the data available in Cloud anytime anywhere, to optimize the reporting time keeping full control over the results.

SENTiNAT(R) 200 is designed to work with SENT-NATA(R) SN200 kits, based on the freeze-dried patented technology that allows long term stability at room temperature, making the assays more robust and simplifying the reagent management in the laboratory.

“We developed the SENTiNAT(R) 200 and STAT-NAT(R) SN200 kits, all CE-marked, to offer a complete solution, that simplifies the routine activities of virology laboratories, including those dedicated to transplant patient. – explains Marco Buonaguidi, Head of Sales and Marketing – Today, we take a first step on a path that will see us committed to developing new parameters to satisfy the most challenging requests of our clients in molecular diagnostics”.

SENTiNAT(R)200 and STAT-NAT(R) SN200 are respectively marked CE-IVDR and CE-IVD

Sentinel Diagnostics (Sentinel CH. SpA)

Sentinel Diagnostics( (Sentinel CH. SpA) is an innovative company that through the development of its products contributes to the growth of scientific knowledge and the improvement of people’s health in the diagnostic field. For almost 40 years, Sentinel Diagnostics, an Italian company based in Milan, has been developing and producing in vitro diagnostic devices for the most advanced Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics platforms.

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