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Shandong’s Shenxian County is building a complete vegetable industry chain

Shenxian County vegetable greenhouses

Liaocheng is an important city in China known for its abundant harvest of grains and vegetables. Its agricultural sector is thriving and has immense potential for high-quality development. Shenxian County, which is the largest in terms of area and population in Liaocheng City, is a leading producer of melons, vegetables, and mushrooms in the country, with the highest planting area and production among all counties nationwide.

In recent years, Shenxian County has prioritized the development of agriculture and rural areas, and has made comprehensive efforts to promote rural revitalization. As a result, the county has successfully established a path towards modern agricultural development that is characterized by distinct features, scale expansion, leading role, and technological support.

In 2011, Shenxian County initiated the establishment of a quality and safety supervision system for agricultural products. Since then, the county has registered and recorded 150 agricultural product production bases, and has reviewed over 600,000 traceability codes annually. With over a million tons of traceable vegetables sold each year, the county has successfully implemented full-process quality control from production source to product listing, thereby safeguarding the "Shenxian County Vegetables, Healthy Ecology" brand.

In recent years, Shenxian County has vigorously cultivated the pre-packaged vegetable industry, striving to become the "leading county in China for pre-packaged vegetables." Currently, there are 83 pre-packaged vegetable production and processing enterprises in the county, with a total output value of nearly 10 billion yuan. Shandong Xinhui Ming Food Co., Ltd., a rapidly growing company, is a prime example of Shenxian County's pre-packaged vegetable industry. According to staff members, this project actively develops convenient foods, meal accompaniments, or semi-finished products with distinct local flavors, achieving standardized and large-scale production of pre-packaged vegetables. Currently, they have developed more than 100 products, including "Old Beijing Lamb Scorpion" and "Golden Soup Sour Fish," among others.

Source: Municipal Government News Office of Liaocheng City