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Shanxi Fenjiu — Let the world enjoy the taste of China


Shanxi Fenjiu has been rated as a national famous alcohol in the national alcohol evaluation fair for five consecutive times. As one of the "four famous Baijiu (a type of Chinese liquor)" in China, Fenjiu is the only Chinese Baijiu that has been passed down continuously for 6,000 years, which is a great miracle in the history of the world alcohol culture.

As early as 6,000 years ago, Fenjiu was born in Xinghuacun of Shanxi Province, the ancestors produced the earliest grain alcohol with "small-mouth and sharp-bottom urn". The brewing technology of Fenjiu is the basis for producing other Chinese Baijiu.

Fenjiu is not only an outstanding representative of famous Chinese Baijiu, but
also a national standard maker of clear-flavor liquor. With its long brewing history, superb brewing techniques, excellent quality, Fenjiu has become one of the "clearest, purest and most cultured" famous alcohols in the world.