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Shanxi uses big data of electric power to monitor coal production and to help ensure energy supply


Coal is the “ballast stone” for the current energy supply. In view of the difficulties of coal production verification and supervision, Shanxi, a major coal-producing province, relying on the Energy Big Data Center, actively researches the relationship between electricity consumption and coal production and innovatively develops energy big data products of “converting coal into electricity”. And it has been put into operation in Luliang City.

By collecting the data of output, energy consumption, electricity consumption and other data of 251 coal enterprises, the coal output monitoring model of “converting coal into electricity” can monitor the production status of enterprises in real time. Once the coal mine has abnormal energy consumption, the system will send out low-yield early-warning information in time. Through government-enterprise cooperation, a closed-loop working mechanism for the whole process of on-site inspection, rectification and feedback has been established locally to help increase coal production and ensure supply.

Since the operation of “converting coal into electricity” on May 10, the State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company has provided a total of 247 monitoring and analysis reports and issued 98 output early-warning messages. After on-site inspection and rectification by the Luliang Energy Bureau, the coal output in Luliang City increased by 10% year-on-year.

In the next step, the State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company will further strengthen government-enterprise cooperation, refine the classification of coal production enterprises and the collection of electricity data in each process link, optimize the coal production monitoring and analysis model algorithm, and expand application scenarios. At the same time, it will assist the government to implement precise policies in terms of risk monitoring and dual control of energy consumption, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency in terms of management and control of energy consumption and analysis and processing of abnormal electricity consumption.

Source: The State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company