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Shenyang (Shenhe District) Culture and Creativity Center French Scenarios Press Conference Successfully Held in Paris

Shenyang (Shenhe District) Culture and Creativity Center French Scenarios Press Conference was successfully held in Paris.

On the morning of April 1, France local time, the Shenyang (Shenhe District) Culture and Creativity Center French Scenarios Press Conference was held at the Xinhua News Agency – Paris Oriental Center by the Shenhe District People’s Government, with guidance from the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, and the organization by the Liaoning Center of the News & Information Center of the Xinhua News Agency and Xinhua Gallery Media France SARL. At the event, Shenhe District and ten French enterprises including DM MARKET and BABEL TOWER FILM signed strategic cooperation agreements.

Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government Lyu Zhicheng, Mayor of the 8th Arrondissement of Paris Jeanne d’Hauteserre, President of Society for the Encouragement of National Industry Gilles Henry-Garault, Chief Representative of the France Representative Office of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Li Wenguo, Director of the Ile-de-France Economic Development Bureau Louis Liu and other distinguished Chinese and French guests participated in the event, which aimed to establish long-term Chinese-European trade and cooperation exchange platform, and rely on Shenhe District’s “National Cultural Export Base” to build Shenyang Culture and Creativity Center, so as to promote Shenhe District’s multi-field, multi-industry, diversified and in-depth integrated development of areas such as finance, trade and cultural tourism by using “culture” as medium. At the same time, Shenhe District will leverage on the platform to foster in-depth cooperation with France in aspects like culture industry, innovation, start-up and cultural exhibition, so as to promote cultural and trade investment under the goal of mutual benefits and joint development, according to the Information Office of Shenhe District.

On-site at the event, erhu performer Guo Gan, who resides in France, was invited as the “Shenyang Ancient City International Cultural Exchange Ambassador” in order to further promote exchanges and cooperation between Shenyang and Paris, and between Shenhe District and the 1st Arrondissement, in fields such as culture, music and exhibition. There are also plans to host the “First Shenyang Ancient City China-France Music Festival” series of activities in September at venues such as Shenyang Imperial Palace, Zhongjie Street and Shenhe District Culture and Sports Center.

In addition, 33 impressive photos of Shenyang City and Shenhe District related to themes such as finance, trade, transportation, agriculture, culture and tourism were put on display, so as to enable on-site participants to gain a more thorough standing about Shenyang and Shenhe District.

Source: Information Office of Shenhe District