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Shenzhen’s Nanshan Injects New Vitality into China-France Cultural Cooperation


SHENZHEN, China, Jun. 24, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

On June 17 and 18, an economic and trade delegation from Shenzhen’s Nanshan District traveled to France and visited Ateliers Jean Nouvel, ISAL Paris, and other institutions. The delegation also hosted a fashion and creativity symposium between Shenzhen (Nanshan), China, and Paris, France, setting another example of the Chinese and French civilizations appealing to, exchanging with, and learning from each other.

Cultural exchanges are an vital founding element and inexhaustible driving force for China-France relations. Characterized by intertwining mountains and seas, a colorful culture, and the spirit of openness and inclusion, Nanshan, one of the pioneers of reform and opening up, presents a diverse cultural ecology and unique urban temperament.

Across mountains and seas, Nanshan and France, a land of cultural treasures, reach out to each other. In the Dongjiaotou area in Nanshan District’s Shekou, Shenzhen Opera House, hailed as No. 1 among Shenzhen’s “top ten cultural venues in the new era,” is under construction. It is worth noting that it is designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel’s team.

In a dialogue with the Nanshan delegation, Jean Nouvel said that Shenzhen is the forefront and trend-setter of China’s reform and opening up. Designed in a perfect combination with the landscape, the opera house will be the best building in the best place in China, shining with vitality and vibrance. The Ateliers will continue to communicate with Nanshan on the design of the Shekou Bay Art Zone, further facilitating the introduction of French opera and performances to Shenzhen.

On June 17, a fashion and creativity symposium between Shenzhen (Nanshan), China, and Paris, France, was held at Palais du Luxembourg in Paris. Representatives from the government, colleges, and businesses had in-depth exchanges with the delegation in culture, tourism, medical care, science and technology, and education, seeking cooperation in tourism management, exhibitions and performances, insurance, red wine, fashion, bags, and other industries.

At the symposium, the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports of Nanshan District signed a contract with ISAL Paris. The relevant director of ISAL Paris said that the institute is scheduled to set up an instruction station in Nanshan and launch targeted matching and cooperation with the district for its graduates starting their own businesses in Shenzhen.

In July last year, a video featuring “Chinese Red” dancing on the streets of Paris went viral on social media. In the video, a Chinese dancer wearing a horse-faced skirt danced against the music of Zheng (a traditional Chinese string instrument) under the Eiffel Tower, catching the attention of internet users in China and France. It is one of a short video series, “Dancing Across Borders and Through Time,” created by SRX Internet Culture and Media from Nanshan. In the district, more and more culture companies like SRX are promoting “Chinese aesthetics” around the world by developing movies, TV shows, games, and other cultural products.

Cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation are an essential part of the relationship between the two sides, which enhance the friendship of the people of the two countries and their understanding of each other’s culture. Nanshan, a district of creativity, dynamism, vitality, and charm, is injecting impetus to the mutual understanding and trust between the people of Shenzhen and Paris, as well as to the exchanges and cooperation between China and France in culture and tourism.

Source: The Organization Committee of Fashion and Creativity Symposium between Shenzhen (Nanshan), China, and Paris, France