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SHIELD Announces Winners of the SHIELD Trust Awards 2022 at the Inaugural SHIELD Trust Summit

SHIELD Trust Awards 2022 Group Photo

SHIELD, the global risk intelligence company, today announced the winners of the SHIELD Trust Awards 2022. Winners have successfully completed the SHIELD Trust Check and attained the SHIELD Trust Certification. The certification is an industry first, representing an independent and non-sponsored evaluation of an organization’s trust profile. The awards were presented to outstanding organizations at the inaugural SHIELD Trust Summit Asia 2022 in Singapore.

Honorees of the SHIELD Trust Awards hail from many of the industries that are changing the way people work, shop, and play. These include:

-Astro, Indonesia’s first quick commerce company
-Baazi Games, India’s biggest online poker platform
-inDriver, the world’s fastest-growing ride-hailing app
-Legion Network, the first super-app for blockchain services
-Maya, the only end-to-end digital payments ecosystem enabler in the Philippines
-Mobile Premier League, one of the world’s largest mobile and skill gaming platforms, a leading online B2B marketplace in Indonesia
-TrueMoney, Southeast Asia’s leading fintech brand

The prevalence of bots and fake accounts have created a trust deficit between businesses and stakeholders. The SHIELD Trust Certificate was created to enable businesses to better understand how they can improve their security posture and deal with threats. It also provides assurance to investors, partners, and users about the strength of a platform’s trust-building measures. As part of the certification process, organizations undergo the SHIELD Trust Check, which assesses metrics such as the proportion of genuine users, the user to device ratio, and the prevalence of malicious tools being used on the platform. Companies meeting industry benchmarks receive the SHIELD Trust Certificate. Top performers are honored with the SHIELD Trust Awards.

To find out more about the SHIELD Trust Awards, visit

Justin Lie, Founder and CEO, SHIELD
“We launched the SHIELD Trust Awards as a way to recognize the trailblazers setting the bar for trust. I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to this year’s award winners, which have made trust a competitive differentiator driving present and future growth.”

Vincent Tjendra, Co-Founder & CEO, Astro
“On behalf of all Astronauts, we are thankful for receiving this award. It is a testament on our team’s hard work and continuous focus to deliver the best customer experience and many more exciting innovations in Indonesia!”

Avneet Rana, Co-Founder & Director of Technology, Baazi Games
“Thank you for honoring us with the SHIELD Trust Award. PokerBaazi has been a vanguard in delivering the utmost level of security to our valued users. With SHIELD as our risk intelligence partner, we will continue to enhance and tighten our security features to make PokerBaazi the most secured online poker app in India.”

Marut Petrosyan, Head of Fraud Prevention, inDriver
“The SHIELD Trust Award is a testament of how inDriver seeks the highest level of trust amongst our users. Our commitment to fighting injustice drives us to assure a fair and safe experience for drivers and passengers alike.”

Athar Jameel Ahmed, CEO, Legion Network
“Legion Network believes that the world of blockchain should be accessible for everybody. We’re proud to receive the SHIELD Trust Awards, which are a testament to our success in creating the safest and fairest ecosystem possible for genuine users, regardless of how experienced they are with blockchain services.”

Mitch Padua, Group Chief Product Officer, Maya
“User trust and safety remain top priorities for Maya as we continue to address the ever-evolving financial needs of millions of Filipinos. We are proud that our mission to help consumers and enterprises thrive in the new digital economy has been recognized with the SHIELD Trust Award.”

Joseph Aditya, CEO,
“ is here to provide solutions for business in Indonesia through digital features that specially crafted to support business growth. In doing so, Ralali is on track to build a healthy digital business ecosystem which connects businesses according to brand credibility and trust.”

Monsinee Nakapanant, Co-President, TrueMoney
“As Southeast Asia’s leading fintech brand, TrueMoney’s mission is to enable access to innovative financial services for everyone, while ensuring that no shortcuts are taken for trust and safety. We are honored to receive the SHIELD Trust Award, which reflects our commitment to building trust with our users while driving financial inclusion.”


SHIELD is the world’s leading risk intelligence company, empowering online businesses to stop fraud, build trust, and drive growth. Powered by the latest AI technology, SHIELD combines cutting-edge device fingerprinting with its proprietary Global Intelligence Network to detect new and unknown fraud threats in real time. With offices across the globe and customers on every continent, SHIELD offers a range of solutions that span device fingerprinting, enterprise-grade protection, ad fraud prevention, and alternative credit risk intelligence. To find out more, visit

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