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Six Foreign Friends Unveil Amazing Jiangxi

Videos of foreign friends unveil amazing Jiangxi

Recently, a series of short videos on 6 foreigners’ working and studying experiences in China’s Jiangxi Province were posted by Xinhua News Agency to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, arousing netizens’ interest and discussion about Jiangxi.

These 6 foreign friends came from the Netherlands, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries. Their life, studying and working experiences were recorded in the video series. Among them, some were astonished by Jiangxi’s development achieved in the VR industry; some came from afar to Jingdezhen for Chinese ceramic culture; and some walked into Jinggang Mountain. They shared their experiences and feelings from new perspectives, revealing Jiangxi, a place of wonders, to a larger popularity, according to the Information Office of Jiangxi Province.

Jiangxi is located in south China and boasts lush mountains and emerald waters as well as outstanding talents and rich cultural deposits. It has Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China and a habitat for migratory birds. With an open and inclusive environment, it is attracting an increasing number of students and entrepreneurs from overseas to study, work and start their own businesses here.

Up to now, five videos have been released, including the stories about how the Dutch entrepreneur Micah started his own business in Ganzhou and how the Indian friend Saahil explored countrysides in Jiangxi. The last video will be posted on December 10, 2022 and it is about the Egyptian young man Aly Thabet’s searching in Jingdezhen for the secret of producing a blue and white porcelain ware.

Jiangxi impresses people with beautiful scenery, attracts people with rapid economic development and opens up to the world. It wishes to enhance communication with friends from across the world through videos and welcomes people who would like to visit Jiangxi, work and settle down in Jiangxi.

Source: The Information Office of Jiangxi Province