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Smplrspace Secures Pre-seed Fundraise of US$600,000 With Digital Floor Plan Solution for Building Operations


Smplrspace Pte Ltd(, the floor plan platform for app builders, announced today the closing of a pre-seed fundraise of US$600,000 that includes angel investors such as Sam Marks (Coworker) and an AngelCentral syndicate led by Sam Gibb (Resolution Ventures) with participation from Shao Ning Huang (Chief Angel, Angelcentral).

“Smplrspace critically augments and fits the needs of Proptechs and asset managers to showcase data and activities of office spaces and buildings in a convincing and engaging way. The easy visualisation and consumption of information make Smplrspace a product that consumers have been thirsty for,” said Sam Marks, Founder & CEO of Coworker.

“We are excited to accompany Smplrspace in building out their developer tool that enables quick property visualisation and planning. With limited resources, the small but growing team has achieved extraordinary milestones to date that include delivery of a meaningful pipeline and is well on its way to becoming the Figma for property management,” added Sam Gibb, Managing Partner at Resolution Ventures.


Indoor space visualisation tools are usually reserved for large corporations or enterprise businesses. Smplrspace fills the gap with an affordable and quick layout digitisation solution for software providers in the building operations space.

With an API-first approach, engineering teams can layer on custom data elements within hours, drastically reducing time from digitisation to integration in-app. Users can switch between 2D and 3D viewing options, allowing for a fully interactive and intuitive experience.

“By powering the creation of functional and affordable digital twins at scale, Smplrspace addresses the missing visual piece for Proptech and IoT solutions in the building operations space. As an enabler embedded in solutions deployed across millions of real estate sqft, Smplrspace is working towards becoming an integral part of a more sustainable real estate ecosystem,” said Wanlyn Tiberghien(, Co-founder & CEO of Smplrspace.

The platform currently counts software providers who deploy solutions across commercial and multifamily buildings, public spaces, and connected workspaces as part of their client portfolio. Smplrspace aims to digitise over 1 billion square feet of real estate space within the next three years.

Interested software providers can check out more information about Smplrspace via its official website ( and watch the video here(

For any inquiries, please contact us by email: or visit our LinkedIn page (

Source: Smplrspace

Source: Smplrspace