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SonoScape S-Fetus 4.0 Release to Simplify Sonography Process

SonoScape S-Fetus 4.0 Obstetric Screening Assistant

SonoScape Medical Corp. today announced the release of S-Fetus 4.0, the latest software upgrade of the company’s flagship ultrasound product offering. This technical breakthrough marks S-Fetus 4.0 as the globally first smart obstetric screening technology based on deep learning.

Leveraging the deep learning techniques, the S-Fetus 4.0 Obstetric Screening Assistant allows doctors to automatically acquire standard planes and measure fetal biometry with fast performance and accuracy. Without the need for manually repetitive operation of the device, the system was designed with one-click simple touch to streamline the sonogram pocess and improve scanning efficiency. “Our obstetric screening assistant has achieved breakthroughs in terms of performance and scalability and now it can offer more efficient means of smart obstetric diagnosis that assist doctors in precise work to ensure better patient outcomes”, said Zhou Guoyi, Head of SonoScape Medical Innovation Research Center.

To improve service capability, SonoScape applied this newly upgrade to a variety of high-end ultrasound equipment. The S-Fetus 4.0 is going to run on SonoScape S60, P60, P60 Exp, S50 Elite, P50 Elite and P40 Elite, both in the North America and ROW Region. “With our commitment to the independent R&D and innovation of medical equipment, our cutting edge technology has been able to realize its potential to serve medical institutions around the world”, commented Naizhang Feng, Vice President of SonoScape Ultrasound Division.

The S-Fetus 4.0 Obstetric Screening Assistant is powered by Intel® oneAPI Toolkits, for more information please check

About SonoScape

Founded in 2002 in Shenzhen China, SonoScape has committed itself to “Caring for Life through Innovation” by providing ultrasound and endoscopy solutions. With seamless support, SonoScape provides worldwide sales and service in more than 130 countries, benefiting local hospitals and doctors with comprehensive imaging diagnostic evidence and technical support. Investing 20% of total revenue into R&D annually, SonoScape establishes seven R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Harbin, Wuhan, Tokyo, Seattle, and Silicon Valley, with more advanced products to be introduced into the pipeline.

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