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Southwest China’s Wanzhou has more than scenic Three Gorges views to share with the world

The ancient Xishan bell tower, facing green waters and mountains, stands witness to Wanzhou's new development.

In January 2023, the 13th China Three Gorges International Tourism Festival on the Yangtze River was held in Wanzhou District in southwest China’s Chongqing. The Concert of World Great Rivers was held along the banks of the Yangtze River, so were other colorful supporting activities such as the Three Gorges food culture festival and Wanzhou grilled fish festival, greatly enhancing the overall brand image of the Three Gorges tourism.

Wanzhou District is the “living room” of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. As an important coordinate of the great passage of the Yangtze River civilization, it has profound historical and cultural heritage. It is the poetic destination sung by the literati of all ages, and also a new starting point for the modern tourism of the Three Gorges, according to the Publicity Department of Wanzhou District.

The Yangtze River passes through the city, and the Three Gorges reservoir makes the waters in Wanzhou look like a traditional Chinese painting and a mysterious wonderland. Surrounded by a clear lake and green mountains, the 175-meter Yangtze River water line endows Wanzhou with an impressive view of a vast flat lake emerging from gorges, making the city one of China’s most beautiful cities with a mountain-and-river landscape.

Profound culture and history could be found almost everywhere in Wanzhou. Through thousands of years, Bayu culture, Three Gorges culture and immigrant culture have blended and developed here, leaving countless scenic spots. Folk performances like local clapper talk, bamboo opera and drum opera carry on the cultural heritage and modern charm of the time-honored city.

Based on the 25-km riverside landscape, Wanzhou has turned the city into a national 5A scenic area, allowing citizens to live in the scenic area. The city’s urban landscape design is a masterpiece of the changing times, as well as the determination and sincerity of Wanzhou people.

It’s a good choice to start a tour of the Yangtze River section in Wanzhou from the Xishan bell tower. This landmark building, as famous as its counterparts of Shanghai customs house and Hankow customs house in Wuhan, has witnessed the history of the opening of port and trade in Wanzhou. Now the melodious bell is still in tune with the beat of the new era every minute.

Climbing up from the core business district of Gaosuntang, one can find dozens of tour inscriptions by famous scholars and sophisticated monks in the ancient dynasties on the walls of Literati Mountain Taibai. The mountain is a frequent place for tourists to visit. Climbing to the top of the mountain can not only offer a way to exert one’s ambition, but also a panoramic view of Wanzhou.

During leisure time, one can ride along the banks of the river, watching the natural views as well as paddling activities. When night falls, one can boat on the water, listen to the twists and turns of Sichuan opera, and feel the unique charm of the famous city for Chinese folk art. One can also enjoy the new look of the Tiansheng City cultural travel block, whose sparking brightness is enough to let people linger.

There are many more surprises hidden in Wanzhou’s streets. It’s always satisfying to choose the famous three delicacies of grilled fish, steamed meat and sauce noodle, but the most popular food among young diners are the street snacks. Those humble stands, hiding in the depths of bustling areas, have been there for decades, with long queues of diners as proof of their delicious taste. Just find a restaurant to sit down, and enjoy the meals, wine, and midnight snack amid constant customer calls for more food, which make up the most unique local flavors in this city.

Today’s Wanzhou, is embracing the whole world with openness. The operation of Zhengzhou-Chongqing high-speed railway, the Yangtze River golden cruise ship and the busy flights at Wanzhou Airport are giving new vitality to the golden route touring the Three Gorges via Wanzhou, which is the first renowned tourist route promoted overseas by China. More and more tourists from home and abroad are attracted to visit Wanzhou and enjoy the scenic views of the Three Gorges.

Source: The Publicity Department of Wanzhou District