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Sporting Goods at the 132nd Canton Fair Surge in Popularity


*Consumers From around the World Flock to the Event

At the 132nd Canton Fair, more than 800 quality makers gathered in the Sports, Travel, and Leisure Products section, displaying a wide range of high-end sporting goods to buyers and consumers from around the world, encouraging them to take part in the fun and excitement of sports.

As one of the highlights of the 132nd Canton Fair, the Sports, Travel and Leisure Products section brought together more than 60,000 exhibits under one roof. With the mission of satisfying expectations among consumers worldwide for sports and fitness, the section attracted a great number of buyers for business inquiries.

Among the leading exhibitors, Xianning Chang Rong Sport Products Co., Ltd., a ball sports equipment and accessories maker, displayed a variety of soccer, basketball and volleyballs. The ball manufacturer’s product lineup complies with IMS, FIFA, and FIVB standards and is widely used in league-level games and training. The firm has partnered with many top international sporting goods stores and brands, including GO Sport, NIKE, and Sport City, with their products having been well received by buyers from the United States, France, Britain, Belgium and Japan, among other countries and regions.

Nantong Winner Sports Goods Co., Ltd., one of the designated manufacturers of the 29th Olympic Games Organizing Committee’s licensed products, participated in the Canton Fair, with a lineup of more than 60 kinds of sports entertainment options featuring new materials and technologies. The company focuses on R&D and green products, boasting a number of patents. Its new patented polymer sports ball liner, with world-beating performance parameters in terms of pressure resistance, air tightness, and elasticity, is fully recyclable. The liner has been put into production for application, delivering a superior experience to sports fans the world over.

Hangzhou Green Sport Manufactory Co., Ltd., has been designing and producing outdoor leisure sporting goods for decades, and has become one of the leading makers in the industry. It is known for product quality and innovative designs that bring excitement to sports enthusiasts worldwide.

The well-established reputation of the Canton Fair will translate into new and enhanced recognition from consumers worldwide across a wide range of industries. To learn more about the Canton Fair, please register at or contact

SOURCE: Canton Fair