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Star Ingredient on Tip of Tongue – Tofu Skin from Yinan of Shandong

LINYI, China

LINYI, China, Apr. 15, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Tofu products are considered star ingredients on the dining tables of northern China, and among them, Gong Pihua Tofu Skin from Andi Town, Yinan County, Shandong Province, shines brightly. Its thin, transparent skin, semi-circular shape without breakage, glossy yellow color, and soft, non-sticky texture make it a culinary gem. With a smooth surface and a creamy white-yellowish hue, its exceptional taste and quality have garnered widespread acclaim, not only in Yinan County but throughout Linyi city. Currently, the tofu skin from Andi Town is not merely a rare delicacy on the dining table but also a cultural experience.

Craftsmanship of Making Tofu Skin: First, soak the soybeans, then grind them into a paste, boil the soy milk, pour it into a tank, scoop and wrap it, press it dry, peel it off the cloth, and air-dry it. A delicious tofu skin is thus completed. This meticulous process requires mastery of balance, intervals, and techniques. Tofu skin should be stored in a cool place.

Pressed tofu skin is simple to prepare, typically paired with vegetables in cold dishes or stir-fries. Dishes made with oiled tofu skin are more varied. Day after day, year after year, Gong Pihua Tofu Skin from Andi Town has endured for 30 years. Such manual workshops for tofu skin, like this one, are becoming increasingly rare. A single soybean, a piece of tofu skin – they embody the profound culinary skills and lifestyle of the people of Yinan.

Tofu skin is extremely nutritious. According to traditional Chinese medicine, tofu skin is neutral in nature, sweet in taste, and has the effects of clearing heat, moistening the lungs, relieving coughs, and resolving phlegm, as well as nourishing the stomach. Not only does it contain rich protein, fat, and fiber, but it also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, and iron needed by the human body. Tofu skin is easily digestible and quickly absorbed, making it a suitable food for women, children, the elderly, and the weak.