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State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company introduced 31 measures to stabilize the economy and promote economic development


The State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company recently issued the “Initiative for the implementation of a package of policy measures to help steady and stabilize the economy”, which has taken 31 measures in 7 aspects including making every effort to ensure the safe supply of electricity, moderately advancing grid investment, and actively serving the development of clean energy. It releases the driving effect of the investment of electricity and serves the stable and healthy development of the economy and society.

The 31 measures which mainly include overall support for the 41.08 million kilowatts energy-saving and carbon reduction transformation, 19.81 million kilowatts of flexibility transformation, and 9.24 million kilowatts of heating transformation of active coal-fired power units in Shanxi Province during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, promote and support to ensure that the power supply will be put into operation as soon as possible and can be fully integrated and fully and stably distributed, and make every effort to ensure people’s livelihood, anti-epidemic of COVID-19, public services and electricity consumption of important users and firmly adhere to the bottom line of electricity consumption for people’s livelihood.

The measures also propose that, based on ensuring food security, the State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company which focusing on high-standard farmland supporting wells, pumping stations and other facilities unblocks green channels for electricity; which focusing on important agricultural seasons such as spring irrigation and autumn harvest, important places such as high-standard farmland, and agricultural production enterprises such as fertilizers, it strengthens power supply services to help increase agricultural harvests and farmers’ incomes; and which formulating and implementing the 2022 college graduates recruitment plan, it provides about 2,600 jobs of various types to the society throughout the year.

Source: State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company