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Stone Town Houses in Juye: Leisure B&B Facilities with Enchanting Landscapes

HEZE, China
A corner of leisure B&B facilities in Juye County

Due to the captivating natural scenery, picturesque traditional villages exuding unique styles, evocative legends, vibrant folk customs shaped by Confucianism, and the authentic flavors of local specialties, the bed-and-breakfast (B&B) cluster at Shizhai Heavenly Pool on Baihu Mountain in Juye County, southwestern Shandong Province, has emerged as a sought-after tourist destination.

In recent years, the local government has strategically embraced the development of the B&B economy as a pivotal initiative to accelerate rural revitalization and elevate all-encompassing tourism. With a focus on the natural landscapes, the region has successfully established three large-scale, high-end cliff-side hotels, over ten B&B accommodations with a total of 300 beds, over ten picking gardens, and more than 20 country-style farmhouses, forming a distinctive and high-quality tourism-oriented B&B cluster. Leveraging regional characteristics, cultural uniqueness, and advantageous industries, the cluster has pioneered the development of the brands "Leisure Baihu Mountain, Health-Benefiting Qinglong Mountain, and Revolutionary Qianwang Town." Through scientific planning, three major B&B functional zones have been designated: Baihu Mountain Zone, Qinglong Mountain Zone, and Qianwang Town Zone. These zones complement each other, each offering unique characteristics. Together, they provide diverse audiences with integrated rural tourism and leisure health-benefiting services, encompassing boutique B&B experiences, unique dining options, health-benefiting hot springs, and immersive folk customs. This approach has successfully launched a distinctive all-encompassing tourism brand, catalyzing growth across various sectors.

Source: News Office of the People's Government of Juye County