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Straive’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities featured in ISG’s Provider Lens(TM) Intelligent Automation — Solutions & Services US Report 2021


Straive (erstwhile SPi Global), a market leader in technology-driven EdTech, content, and data solutions, has been named a contender by a leading global technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG) in its Provider Lens(TM) Intelligent Automation — Solutions & Services US Report 2021. Straive has been recognized in the report for its document processing solutions, enabling automated extraction, interpretation, classification, and handling of digitized documents faster and at scale.

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ISG Provider Lens(TM) is a practitioner-led service provider comparison. Its research reports provide independent vendor evaluations and enterprise buying behavior segmentation.

Straive’s IDP capabilities are backed by its proprietary unstructured data platform, Straive Data Platform (SDP), built on a microservices-based architecture with customizable data extraction, enrichment, transformation, and delivery modules. Straive’s document processing solutions employ cognitive technologies to automate data extraction, enrichment, and transformation and deliver actionable insights from text-heavy documents in any format, such as text PDFs, emails, word files, and scanned PDFs.

Straive has set up a dedicated R&D unit called Straive Innovation Labs to integrate next-generation solutions into its SDP offerings continuously. Straive’s customers benefit from flexible commercial models, including output-based pricing per document, where it manages both the operations and technology.

On the feature, Ratan Datta, President and CEO, Straive, said, “The rising demand for processing voluminous semi-structured and unstructured documents with greater accuracy and speed has catalyzed the need for better and automated document processing. Straive’s feature in the ISG Provider Lens(TM) report is a testament to our capabilities in the IDP space. Through a fine blend of subject matter expertise, latest technologies like AI, ML, and a keen focus on R&D, Straive Data Platform continues to serve customers across a wide range of industries, including Finance, Research & Lifesciences, Real Estate, and Legal & Regulatory.”

The ISG report noted, “As a platform-based and automation-driven data company, Straive is actively working to strengthen its SDP solution to support more document formats, complex use-cases, and broaden industry coverage to include insurance, healthcare, and pharma.”

Straive differentiates itself with a focus on solving industry use cases requiring domain expertise backed by a team of more than 500 SMEs across various disciplines such as life sciences, chemistry, biomedical, sustainability, legal, financial services, etc. Its deep expertise enables Straive to achieve a significantly higher level of automation in complex use cases and leverage SDP as an enabler to drive business outcomes.

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About Straive ( ) (erstwhile SPi Global)
Straive is a market-leading content technology enterprise that provides data services, subject matter expertise (SME), and technology solutions to multiple domains such as research content, e-Learning/EdTech, and data/information providers. With a client base scoping 30 countries worldwide, Straive’s multi-geographical resource pool is strategically located in eight countries: Philippines, India, USA, China, Nicaragua, Vietnam, United Kingdom, and the company headquarters in Singapore.

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