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Stringent on Quality & Safety Control, Chery’s OMODA Exceeds Expectations of Australian Consumers


Chery’s first global model, OMODA, which will be released to Australia later in 2022, has already caught the attention of local consumers for its excellent product quality and safety performance.

In Chery Automobile, product quality has always been the foundation on which our enterprise survives, and any miss in quality means the loss of our foundational right to survive in the automotive industry. Honoring this philosophy, Chery has always put its products through tough tests according to the local climate, temperature change, road conditions and consumers’ needs plus desires when it plans to enter an overseas market. Chery’s cars have surpassed these tests including not only the extreme hot deserts in the Middle East, but also the tough challenges of extreme cold in Russia’s Siberia and the highlands in South America. By virtue of its high quality, Chery’s cars have won the highest prize at the 45th International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC), the coveted Platinum Award.

Chery Automobile always concentrates our close attention to the research and development of product safety. Chery has established safety laboratories, built a complete testing and development system for safety components, systems and whole vehicles, and has acquired top accomplishments in research, development and innovation. Their crash test laboratory is equipped with internationally advanced safety testing systems imported from Germany, Spain, UK and USA. As an international level, comprehensive, professional laboratory in China’s automotive industry, it meets and exceeds the laws and regulations of China, Europe and America and the NCAP requirements of all countries. Thanks to the generous investment in safety and quality research and development, Chery is able to obtain a large quantity of true and reliable first-line data and ensure reliable car safety performance for your family.

As Chery’s top heavyweight model, OMODA 5, combined with the excellent quality and assured safety performance of Chery cars, this premier car will absolutely meet the expectation of Australian consumers on quality and safety as well as style and FUN.


Source: Chery