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Stunning Quality, User Friendly – Toshiba TV Z770


Premium in picture and sound quality with ultra-easy access, Toshiba TV’s Z770 showcases just how the master television craftsman is channeling its technological prowess into concrete design by bringing viewers even more brilliant viewing experiences. With an impressive 43% increase in volume delivered and a 43.7% uptick in sales, Z770 found strong signs of consumer approval in the second quarter of the year.

At the core of this television is the REGZA Engine 4K Pro, Z770’s flagship AI-powered engine that threads every pixel seamlessly into scenes with stunning picture quality – even for originally non-4K content. Combining real-time AI picture quality analysis and adjustment, the world-class engine with its deep neural-network accelerator is designed to deliver precisely the nuanced authenticity of every single image displayed.

Fronted by a pair of cinema-grade speakers, Z770’s audio system is an equally impressive feat. To deliver the most realistic impression of a pitch-perfect surround sound system, Toshiba TV’s REGZA Power Audio Pro+ constantly tunes the television’s sound wave, making certain that the audio output stays on point, clear and vibrant at all levels without cracking. And if that’s not enough, you can always choose to switch on Dolby Atmos or IMAX Enhanced mode. Designed to amplify the audio via precisely placed multi-channel speakers, they recreate every pitch in its full contextual originality, making your experience at home a more wholistic acoustic immersion rivaling that of a well-establish movie theater.

To add further subtle but significant qualitative improvements to the overall viewer experience, Z770’s far-field speech function gives you a wide range of access to the TV without having to click on the remote control; coupled with a voice recognition ability that responds swiftly and accurately to the familiar sounds of your voice, the television brings content from all over the world with an efficiency that safeguards your leisure like none other.

With a remarkable entourage of visual and audio features aided by easily accessible interactive designs Z770 is the perfect companion for immersing in the homely coziness of your leisure.

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source:Toshiba TV

Source: Toshiba TV