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Super Carrier and Smart Aviation Achievements aired in the 2022 North Bund International Aviation Forum

The 2022 North Bund International Aviation Forum

On November 22, China Eastern Air Holding Co., Ltd. (CEAH) and Shanghai Airport Authority (Avinex) jointly organized the 2022 North Bund International Aviation Forum, with the theme of Sharing Opportunities of Digital Economy and Co-building a Green and Smart Civil Aviation. It is an annual forum held in Shanghai, the first of which was held in November 2021.

About 150 guests from domestic and foreign civil aviation enterprises, industry associations, and colleges attended the forum online or in person. They shared their insights around topics such as digital transformation, green aviation, and smart aviation via speeches and roundtable discussion.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the airline industry. And all of these represent an opportunity for the civil aviation industry to do things better, to do things quicker, and to do things in a cheaper way. And I think that is the challenge, but also the opportunity that the industry faces. We’re facing into the most exciting periods that the industry has ever seen,” said Willie Walsh, Director General of IATA .

“Seize opportunities in a changing environment, move in the same direction, and work together around the world to maximize the social and economic benefits of the aviation industry,” said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General of ACI.

Li Yangmin, President of CEAH, said that the aviation industry was born out of mobility, develops in exchanges, and prospers along globalization. The North Bund International Aviation Forum fully reflects the openness, innovation and inclusiveness of Shanghai. China Eastern Airlines is making every effort to make the forum a better one, building it into an open, inclusive, united, cooperative, pragmatic and efficient platform. In this way, we can constantly enhance industry consensus in exchanges and mutual learning, jointly push the sustainable development of the industry, spread a strong voice to the world that the China’s aviation industry pursues unity and cooperation, resolutely guards economic globalization, and strives to seek new development opportunities and expand new growth space.

Major achievements including “Super Carrier + Smart Aviation” of CEAH and “Digital Construction Achievements” of Avinex were released at the forum.

Source: China Eastern Air Holding Co., Ltd.