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Suvoda 2022 Clinical Trials Surge 20% as it Expands Offerings to Include eConsent and eCOA


— Company achieves Top Performer status in ISR IRT Benchmark Survey

Suvoda LLC ( ) , a global clinical trial technology company that specializes in complex studies in therapeutic areas like oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare disease, surpassed 1,000 clinical trials in 2022 as study deployments surged nearly 20%, a strong indicator that the company’s practical approach to innovation is being embraced by trial sponsors and CROs. Click to tweet ( ) .

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Suvoda’s expanded clinical trial offerings in 2022 were designed organically to work seamlessly on a single platform, and include important features that sponsors need to quickly and reliably conduct trials. New products and features include:

— eConsent ( ) –Suvoda eConsent, which became generally available
in May, offers a simplified approach to digitizing the consent management
process. Built on the Suvoda platform, Suvoda eConsent gives sponsors,
CROs, and sites improved visibility and automated control of consent
throughout the life of a trial and peace of mind that patient data is
secure, compliant, and available at the moment of signature without
disrupting existing processes.

— Free picking ( ) —This new
IRT functionality gives sponsors more flexibility in managing their
supply-side packaging, labeling, and distribution operations, empowering
them to effectively and safely transition to a Just-in-Time (JIT)

— Electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) ( ) –Suvoda eCOA
seeks to tackle inefficiencies common in traditional eCOA products, such
as gaps in overall delivery and execution quality, time-consuming
translations and localization processes, and logistics related to device
management. In December the company released a unique, easy-to-use,
configuration-based toolkit designed to simplify and accelerate eCOA set-
up and delivery while the product entered the second phase of the early
adopter program.

“Trial sponsors and CROs have told us they need new approaches to global clinical trials with patients at the center of the studies, and we have listened,” said Jagath Wanninayake, CEO of Suvoda. “We have been assembling the building blocks of a new platform that simplifies the complexity inherent in these trials, while also investing in our people. We are seeing the fruit of that labor with increased study deployments and excellent industry rankings. 2023 will be an exciting year as we continue building to realize our vision.”

Suvoda was ranked among the top three IRT providers in the recent ISR IRT Benchmark Survey, another indication that the company’s product roadmap is meeting the needs of study sponsors, CROs and sites.

In the ISR IRT Benchmark Survey, Suvoda scored above average or outperformed competitors in nine of 12 key areas assessed, including the categories most important to drug trial sponsors: integration with EDC, ePRO, CTMS, and other data systems; flexibility for mid-study design changes; speed of data integration; and configurability in study set-up.

The ISR Benchmark Survey also ranked Suvoda one of the highest among all vendors for customer loyalty, which reflects similar results achieved in Suvoda’s customer satisfaction survey ( ) , which found that 92% of customers are likely to recommend Suvoda to colleagues.

In 2022, Suvoda continued to expand its global presence, now supporting trials in nearly 80 countries and adding talent at all levels across the globe, bringing the total number to almost 900 employees. The company made important hires, including industry luminaries and technology executives ( ) with proven experience building extensible and scalable solutions who are working closely with Suvoda’s eClinical experts to design innovative, yet practical solutions that manage the increasing complexities of global clinical trials.

“We expect 2023 to continue to be challenging for clinical trial sponsors as financial markets tighten and sponsors face pressure to initiate trials quickly, show progress early, and execute flawlessly,” said Suvoda’s Chief Operating Officer Robert Hummel. “Suvoda is building a platform that helps reduce these risks for sponsors while also keeping the patient central to the mission by making it easier for them to participate in trials. In the end, our goal is to help sponsors develop therapies for patients who need them most.”

About Suvoda

Suvoda is a global clinical trial technology company specializing in complex, life-sustaining studies in therapeutic areas like oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare disease. Founded in 2013 by experts in eClinical technologies, Suvoda empowers clinical trial professionals to manage the most urgent moments in the most urgent trials through advanced software solutions delivered on a single platform. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Suvoda also maintains offices in Portland, OR, Barcelona, Spain, Bucharest, Romania, and Tokyo, Japan. The company consistently boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of close to 70, far exceeding the technology industry average of 50, and has been selected by trial sponsors and CROs to support more than 1,000 trials across 80 countries. To learn more, visit ( ) . Follow Suvoda on Twitter ( ) and LinkedIn ( ) .

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