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Taiwan’s Special Project of Circular Design “the SP!RAL” Opening at DESIGNART Tokyo 2022 to Jointly Drive Circulation through Actions

TDRI showcases exciting products by 7 Taiwanese circular design brands at DESIGNART Tokyo 2022, introducing Taiwan’s circular design philosophy to the world.

With Tokyo as its stage, DESIGNART Tokyo is held every fall since 2017, and gathers diverse projects of design, art, interior decoration, and fashion, from all around the world to be showcased in different spaces within the city, realizing the concept of city as exhibition venue. With the theme of “Into the Emotions,” this year’s exhibition will open from October 21 to 30. During the 10-day exhibition period, DESIGNART Tokyo will guide people with design and art to wander and weave through the city, excavating different sentiments and experiences through each and every encounter.

Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) has received a special invitation from the organizer to present Taiwan’s special project on circular design, “the SP!RAL,” in response to the main exhibition venue’s curatorial theme: “Next Circulation: Sustainability & Technology,” exhibiting seven Taiwanese brands of circular design at the main venue, which include: “CRYSTIN,” a collaboration between W Glass Project and Hsiang Han Design that displays the beauty of glass through recycling technology; the coat made by Fenko Catalysis Chamber from 100% paper yarn that defies all imaginations; the flexible furniture of honeycomb structure developed by The Young Square; lifestyle products woven by Essence Design & Craft using bamboo; the “Hibang Circular Glasses” produced by Duolog Design using the recycled nylon from Taiwan’s fishing nets; Miniwiz’s multifunctional speaker of recycled and reproduced materials using the world’s first offline waste recycling system, “TRASHPRESSO”; and TPCreative’s circular coasters made from wastes of electricity equipment. All the featured products combine sustainable and circular philosophy with brand spirit and manufacturing technology to realize creative charms and practical values in diverse aspects of daily life.

Based on Taiwan’s design philosophy and perspective, the special project has a vision of “creating circulation that spirals from Taiwan to the world.” Through this exhibition, the power of Taiwanese circular design will be put on full display, allowing more people to understand how Taiwan realizes circular philosophy in daily life, ultimately making contribution to the world. Also, this exhibition brings designers from different countries together, where they can exchange and interact through design. TDRI also looks to establish a friendly relationship with DESIGNART to facilitate future collaboration on the “Asia Design Relation” tour, connecting Asian design and jointly striving to expand our influences.

Exhibition Date | 2022.10.21 (Fri) – 10.30 (Sun)
Exhibition Time | 10:00 – 18:00
Exhibition Site | World Kita-Aoyama Building
Participating Brands | duolog design, Essence Design & Craft, Fenko Catalysis Chamber, Miniwiz, The Young Square, TPCreative, W Glass Project x Hsiang Han Design

About TDRI

As the integrated service platform that drives the development of Taiwan’s creative industry, TDRI’s main missions are to enhance design talent capability, drive industrial design innovation, establish design policy mechanism, promote public service innovation, develop social design innovation, and facilitate international design exchange. TDRI has established an excellent image for Designed in Taiwan (DIT) in both domestic and overseas markets through its long-term effort; in the future, TDRI will continue to enhance Taiwan’s international competitiveness through design innovation, provide industries and society guidance on sustainable development, and enhance the value of life of all citizens.

Source: Taiwan Design Research Institute