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Business & Finance Disaster Prevention Virtual Pavilion and Avatar Online Meetings for Global Suppliers

TAIPEI Disaster Prevention Virtual Pavilion and Avatar Online Meetings for Global Suppliers, Taiwan’s largest official B2B portal, has launched the Disaster Prevention Online Showcase in response to climate change and its consequences. Buyers can browse products for disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery, including emergency kits, medical supplies, telecommunications equipment, reconstruction materials, security protection items, firefighting equipment, and every conceivable kind of staple merchandise. They can also directly contact suppliers for more information.

Additionally, the Disaster Prevention VR Pavilion, utilizing Web VR and 360-degree panoramic photography technology, allows online buyers to view products from all sides and angles at any time, anywhere. Featured products include:

A smart liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) management solution, provided by Kiwi Technology, which includes smart gas metering, 24/7 safety monitoring, LPG cylinder asset management, a distribution planning system, and LPG delivery operation; an AI earthquake early warning system from P-Waver, which has been put to use in high-tech plants, the Taiwan High Speed Rail, hospitals, and campuses; YZTEK’s e+AutOff, which can aid in kitchen safety by automatically putting out stove fires; and top-selling products from PURES Biotech, such as antimicrobial sun protection cream, antimicrobial moisturizing hand cream, and VirusOUT bactericidal lozenges which kill 99.9% of germs. Other products, such as canned food, preserved food, heatable lunch boxes, and dietary supplements, are also available at

Even better, in keeping with the metaverse craze, will hold the “Avatar Online Pavilion – Meet Suppliers Online Meeting” on November 24th. Unlike traditional video meetings that only allow products to be manually displayed on screen,’s online meeting 2.0 technology, with exclusive Avatar hosts Ted and Tiffany, offers an improved technological experience and interactive atmosphere. Through it, buyers can view Avatar products and company introduction videos before having virtual meetings with suppliers.

For high-quality manufacturers and products in the fields of disaster prevention, circular economy, auto parts, healthcare, or information and communications technology, please register for the “Avatar Online Pavilion – Meet Suppliers Online Meeting” taking place on November 24th and experience this new approach to meetings. To register, find your nearest TAITRA office at


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