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Tarkus, the Colombian phyto-therapeutic laboratory that is conquering the world with its medical cannabis products

BOGOTA, Colombia

— Tarkus Pharma Lab, the first pharmaceutical laboratory located in a Free Trade Zone in Colombia, has become a global industry benchmark, developing raw materials and final products derived from medical cannabis with the highest quality, and exporting to various regions of the world.

— The National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos) INVIMA in Colombia has certified this laboratory in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to produce phyto-therapeutic products for free use.

Tarkus Pharma Lab, the first pharmaceutical laboratory of medicinal Cannabis located in Colombia’s free trade zone in Bogota, was certified by INVIMA (the entity responsible for controlling and verifying that products comply with sanitary requirements for importation and distribution), with the endorsement of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), allowing the manufacture of phyto-therapeutic products derived from Cannabis for free use and with export potential.

Currently, the company has cannabis-derived raw materials, standardized mixtures and magister formulas. By obtaining the certification, the laboratory is authorized to produce finished phyto-therapeutic products (ingestible products for medicinal purposes from natural origin).

“To achieve this important step, we have the required investment and a team of experts in the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, we will place our products in pharmacies and department stores, facilitating access to thousands of people with chronic pathologies, so that they can enjoy the benefits offered by cannabis-based products,” said Alejandro Venegas, CEO of Tarkus Pharma Lab.

Although the export of raw material does not require INVIMA certification, it is a requirement for the commercialization of the final labeled product that reaches consumers. For Tarkus, having the support of regulatory entities is a commitment to its customers, represented in quality assurance of raw materials and final products, as well as a seal of confidence for users.

Tarkus is looking for a local partner to enter the Australian market with high quality products with best in market prices.

According to Procolombia, government entity that promotes exports from this Latin American country, Australia is the second country with the largest medical cannabis market outside of North America, with more than 100,000 patients.

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SOURCE: Tarkus Pharma Lab

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Source: Tarkus Pharma Lab