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Tata Communications Further Strengthens IZO(TM) Internet WAN for Global Enterprises


Brings new variants with higher cloud performance and simplified one-touch management

Tata Communications International Pte Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Communications Ltd., a global digital ecosystem enabler, today announces strengthened variants of the IZO(TM) Internet WAN for global enterprises. With predictable and dependable network services offering access to more than 150+ geographies, IZO(TM) Internet WAN offers high-quality Internet services, consistent network experiences over various service options including broadband Internet. It now enables seamless data transfer from branch offices to data centres, from branch offices to clouds, and across multiple clouds for enterprises. Enterprises are able to have a simple and agile management over their global and regional networks. The new variants have been released for enterprises across North America, Europe, United Kingdom & Ireland and Asia-Pacific markets.

Tata Communications IZO(TM) Internet WAN is suited for enterprises introducing cloud services to their existing IT and networking architecture and for businesses that are looking to cost-effectively extend their global reach to new markets. IZO(TM) Internet WAN caters to all industries such as Manufacturing, IT, ITeS, Services, Retail, BFSI, etc. IZO(TM) Internet WAN, launched in 2014, is the world’s first predictable and dependable internet.

“We closely listened to our global enterprise customers and for them, guaranteed uptime is business critical. Hence, our objective has always been to deliver highly available quality Internet. We have expanded our global reach, added service variants from Dedicated Internet Access to broadband to meet customers’ different business needs, and ensured cross border regulatory compliances so enterprises can have predictable, dependable Internet to run their business. We have simplified operation and management, and enhanced the experience for our customers across geographies,” said Song Toh, Vice President, Global Network Services, Tata Communications.

“Tata Communications IZO(TM) Internet WAN has enabled us to focus on our core business, while improving our people’s efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, higher availability is enhancing our experience. In today’s cloud-first world, where enterprises are moving workloads to clouds, market offerings like dedicated Internet or broadband, the lack of guaranteed performance, uptime and short restoration becomes a critical hindrance for any enterprise. And, Tata Communications has helped address this vital need at a very opportune time for our business,” said Øystein Eide, Vice President, Head of Cloud Infrastructure, DNV AS.

Gartner predicts that growing cloud deployments of business-critical applications will drive 30% of global enterprises to use enhanced Internet services by 2023, up from less than 1% in 2020.

“Enterprises increasingly are entrusting priority business traffic to Internet connections. To support these businesses, the enterprise Internet experience must be reliable, predictable, and seamless. Tata Communications IZO(TM) Internet WAN aims to provide consistent high performance between broadband Internet endpoints and cloud services, as a widely available and dependable service option,” said Brian Washburn, Research Director, Service Provider Enterprise & Wholesale from Omdia.

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About Tata Communications

A part of the Tata Group, Tata Communications (NSE: TATACOMM) (BSE: 500483) is a global digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy in more than 190 countries and territories. Leading with trust, it enables digital transformation of enterprises globally with collaboration and connected solutions, core and next gen connectivity, cloud hosting and security solutions and media services. 300 of the Fortune 500 companies are its customers and the company connects businesses to 80% of the world’s cloud giants. For more information, please visit

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