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TCG proposes translational fundamental research oriented global scale university


Sets in motion complex assembly process of India’s first private sector quantum computer dedicated to research in Kolkata

The TCG group is planning to set up a one of its kind university in Kolkata. The group, led by Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee, has committed all the resources that would be required to realise the global scale research aspirations the proposed university has. As a first towards this the group has already set up a centre for translatable research in fundamental sciences. The proposed university will be unique in its concept as it will also be completely focused on translational fundamental research.

With a focus on collaborative research on a global scale, this university will also have its own Quantum Computer, again the first from the private sector in India. The computer, proposed to be dedicated to helping high-end research, is being installed in Kolkata. The complex installation process has already been initiated. Once fully operational, Kolkata can boast of being in step with its fame for striving to stay ahead of the rest in the field of the academic initiative.

The university will strive to:
• Create one of the best infrastructure facilities and onboard the best educators and researchers from across the globe, that will foster quality higher education, research, product development and industrial consultancy.
• Develop a network with the world’s leading Universities, Research Institutions, and Industries that will synergize the collective efforts in contemporary education and research thrust areas and culminate in regional and global wellbeing.
• To act as the anchor university to the world’s top university departments, research labs, innovation centres, and business incubators who would collocate and cooperate for mutually beneficial goals and objectives.
• To be agile and flexible in designing programs and operational constructs to keep pace with the ever-expanding world of knowledge while ensuring compliance with the regulatory guidelines.

The university has already resumed its journey as a research centre called TCG CREST with PhD scholars working in frontier technologies. It’s working in the areas of Quantum Computing, Neurosciences, Cryptology, Data Driven Intelligence, and Sustainable Energy. The researches are being led by globally renowned scientists who have joined the initiative from institutions and universities like UC Berkeley which are known for their leadership in research efforts globally. They are all working on ideas that are translatable to industry use.

As an institution, the not-for-profit TCG CREST is especially dedicated to the three Ks: Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Application, and Knowledge Dissemination. The focus is on creating a strong network with highly-reputed knowledge centres throughout the world — universities, research institutions, technology-driven global corporate entities, and academic communities. The goal is to inculcate a strong culture of continual knowledge exchange through: research, student exchange, faculty exchange, joint projects, collaborative workshops, and participative seminars.

Since translational research will be a prime focus area of TCG CREST University, it is envisaged that working opportunities for more than 200 research scholars will be created every year. It will eventually build up to a large critical mass for each of the focus areas sustaining at over 5000 at a steady state. As a part of the global innovation ecosystem, these research centres along with a university will help curate an intellectual property (IP) base with entrepreneurial opportunities and high-end jobs in the state. It will also provide a technology boost to the local Agro/Food Services sector and result in dramatic improvements in productivity across infrastructure, industry and Government sectors.

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Media Contact: Suparna Pathak

Source: TCG