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TechSmith: New research shows the importance of using video at work


– Recent study highlights the importance of video in a professional context and the expectations employees have for video content.

– 91% of employees already use training videos for knowledge
transfer in the workplace.

Since the start of the global pandemic, the need for informal training videos for everyday use has expanded. A recent study conducted by TechSmith [], which surveyed office workers from six countries, reveals that videos are highly popular among employees, especially in the modern workplaces where information needs to be conveyed concisely and efficiently.

According to the study, the vast majority (83 percent) of respondents said they prefer to consume informational content in video format – far ahead of text (43 percent) and audio only (32 percent). Acquiring new skills or knowledge for professional purposes is the most frequently cited reason (25 percent) for seeking instructional or informational videos, followed by gaining knowledge on a specific topic (23 percent).

Nearly all (91 percent) respondents to the study watch instructional or informational videos in a professional context at least once a month, and well over half (71 percent) of them at least once a week. The majority of respondents (56 percent) cited informal training videos as the type of video most often used, followed closely by professionally-produced training videos (54 percent).

The complete study is available at

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Source: TechSmith

Source: TechSmith