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The 12th China Sichuan (Pengzhou) Vegetable Fair to Open


On November 22, the 12th China Sichuan (Pengzhou) Vegetable Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Vegetable Fair"), a major event for the Chinese vegetable industry, is scheduled to take place inside the Tianfu Vegetable Expo Park in Pengzhou, Sichuan.

Organized by Pengzhou Municipal People's Government, this year's Vegetable Fair is going to unveil various scientific innovation landmarks such as the Southern China Vegetable Seed Industry Innovation Center and Pengzhou Protected Vegetable Demonstration Greenhouse. Combined with the field exhibition of new vegetable varieties at the 9th Chengdu Seed Industry Expo (Autumn), the event aims to create a modern agriculture industrial park that integrates smart agriculture, protected agriculture and digital agriculture, and promote exchanges and cooperation on new technologies, new equipment, new products and new projects. Besides, the Vegetable Fair is also going to focus on the innovative development of the vegetable seed industry as the main theme to host the 3rd Chinese Vegetable Brand Conference and the 2nd Chinese Vegetable Industrial High-quality Development Forum, among other activities.

The Vegetable Fair is a crucial window for the showcasing of development feats of the "Sichuan vegetable" industry, and an important carrier for foreign cooperation. Pengzhou hopes to expand the influence of its vegetable brands through this event, and propel it forward on its path of positioning itself as a "capital of vegetable" in Western China.

Experts have noted that vegetables in Sichuan enjoy sufficient heat and light exchanges, resulting in long growth cycles, and can rely on their own immune system for protection against external invasion, leading to high survival capacity. Thus, Sichuan vegetables are known for their outstanding nutritional content, flavors and textures, which is why experts and consumers alike have aptly coined them as "vegetables of the lands" for the relatively greener and healthier qualities compared with "vegetables of greenhouses".

As the permanent host of the China Sichuan (Pengzhou) Vegetable Fair, Pengzhou is a representative production region of Chinese "vegetables of the lands", as well as a Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone of China and one of the top 10 vegetable production bases of China. With 820,000 mu of vegetable plantations (including multiple cropping) and over 200 varieties of vegetables in 13 categories, the city is vital to the vegetable supply of Sichuan and even the whole of China.

"Pengzhou is going to continuously dedicate efforts in terms of scientific and technological innovation in the vegetable industry, promote breakthroughs in germplasm source and other key aspects, strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure facilities, improve support for agricultural science and technology, and raise the level of modern agricultural facilities and equipment. Meanwhile, steps will be taken to turn the Vegetable Fair into a major platform for open cooperation, exhibition and sales, and investment attraction for the 'agriculture, rural villages and farmers' of Chengdu, Sichuan and even the entire southwestern region of China," a relevant Pengzhou official in charge explained.

Source: Pengzhou Municipal People's Government