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The 14th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo Opens, Empowering the Growth of the Healthcare Industry


On October 19, the 14th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo commenced at the China Medical City Convention Trade Center. Themed "Innovation Empowers the Construction of a Large Health Industry Ecosystem", this edition of the Medical Expo gathered nearly 130 industry experts from around the world. It featured almost 600 renowned companies from 17 countries and regions, with 19 specialized event teams led by 8 academicians. Together, they collaborated to contribute to the development of Taizhou's healthcare industry, empowering Taizhou to establish itself as a global leader in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

In recent years, Taizhou has set its sights on the goal of achieving a healthcare industry scale of 40 billion yuan by 2025, according to Taizhou Medical High-Tech Zone (Gaogang District). Emulating top domestic and international biopharmaceutical industry clusters, it has focused on constructing a distinctive "3+2" industrial system, with a primary focus on the three key pillars of biopharmaceuticals, new chemical drug formulations, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and high-end medical equipment. Additionally, they are committed to enhancing two distinctive industries — special medical formula foods and animal healthcare products. Presently, the China Medical City has brought together over 1,300 healthcare companies, submitted applications for more than 2,100 pharmaceutical innovations, and attracted over 4,300 high-level talents for entrepreneurship. Taizhou has also become the exclusive pilot zone for the aggregation and development of the healthcare industry along the Yangtze Economic Belt and a pilot zone for the development of new vaccines and specific diagnostic reagents.

Taizhou, in collaboration with international organizations, multinational enterprises, and academic institutions, is establishing research centers and production bases, creating a city that leads in health innovation. Currently, China Medical City has successfully established major innovation platforms such as the National Technology Innovation Center for Veterinary Biological Products (Taizhou), the Biopharmaceutical Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, and has partnered with 12 renowned academic institutions to build 21 technology platforms, including a Vaccine Engineering Center and a Drug Safety Evaluation Center.

This Medical Expo features a significant presence of global healthcare industry leaders and facilitated the convergence of numerous domestic and international pharmaceutical innovation resources and top talents, creating a platform for broader, deeper, and higher-level international exchange and collaboration across various domains of the healthcare industry. Throughout the duration of the Medical Expo, a total of 19 specialized events covering areas such as biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, health services, and international cooperation will invite participation from the public.

Source: Taizhou Medical High-Tech Zone (Gaogang District)