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The 18th China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo Kicked off in Luzhou, China


The 18th China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo (hereafter referred to as “CIADE”) kicked off in Luzhou, China on April 13, 2023. On this occasion, merchants from all over the country gathered in this City of Wine.

According to China Alcoholic Drinks Association, sponsor of the event, the expo attracted over 800 enterprises and more than 1,500 industrial influencers to attend. The event this year set a record of number of activities and guests.

Greece, the guest of honor this year, set up a 390 square meters pavilion to exhibit the Greek wine, history and culture, and humanistic attraction, and systematically promoted the wine, tourism, culture and other characteristic resources of Greece. The Chinese-Greek Civilization Appreciation Center was established in Athens, Greece this February to offer a platform for in-depth study on basic elements of the two civilizations. With wine as the belt, this expo intends to deepen the exchange, communication and cooperation between the two ancient civilizations.

Luzhou, hosting city of the event, has been reputed as the “City of Wine”. As a major spirits production area in Sichuan and even China, the city prides itself on renowned wine brands such as Luzhou Laojiao and Langjiu. Its winemaking history began as early as in Qin and Han dynasties. The “ceramic drinking cup” in Qin and Han dynasties and the bricks with winemaking process in East Han dynasty discovered in Luzhou by archeologists indicate that Sichuan back then already had a complete winemaking system.

Since the CIADE was made to permanently host in Luzhou in 2014, the city has taken it as a platform to link the urban development with the wine culture to promote the quality development of the wine industry. In 2022, the value-added growth rate of Luzhou’s wine industry reached 8.1%, and the revenue of the liquor industry broke the RMB100 billion threshold again.

Under the strong support of the government, the expo has constantly innovated the brand and improved the event quality. Since 2014, the expo has taken a cumulative exhibition area of over 500,000 square kilometers, and attracted nearly 4,200 enterprises, and over 10,000 industrial experts and influencers from over 60 countries/regions to attend. Georgia, Australia, France, Italy, Chile, and Argentina have served as the guest of honor in a row.

With growth of the vigor of the event, Luzhou makes friends with wine to open wider to the outside world. Now, it has two international sister cities, and ten international cities with partnership. With expansion of its “network of friends”, it will attract more people to enjoy the charm of the Chinese liquor culture.

Source: China Alcoholic Drinks Association