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The 2022 Shanghai Jing’an Tulip Flora Expo Opened with Sparkles


On March 2, the 2022 Jing’an-Xinhu Tulip Flora Expo opened in Shanghai.

This year’s Flora Expo covers 10 parks in Jing’an district, including the Daning Tulip Park, the Jing’an Sculpture Park, the Jing’an Park, the Zhabei Park, the Pengpu Park, etc. The Expo also covers 7 landmark CBDs, which are the Shanghai Jiuguang Department Store, the Kerry Center, the HKR Taikoo Hui, the Grandjoy City, the Daning International Business Square, the Daning Music Square, and the Jiuguang Center, according to the Information Office of Jing’an District.

Decorative flower belts in 22 blocks, such as the Friendship Hall, the Shanghai Exhibition Center, W. Nanjing Road, W. Beijing Road, the Joint Savings Bank Warehouse and the Suzhou River are dotted with flowers from the Expo. Last but not least, the atmosphere of the Expo can also be felt deep into the streets of the Pengsan neighborhood, the Jingan House, the Yuyuan neighborhood, and public areas like the Jing’an Culture Center and the library. A short trip from home to the neighboring streets brings citizens to the gorgeous world of flowers.

The Tulip Flora Expo is the “first sight of Spring” that sparkles in Jing’an and in the eyes of citizens, the warmth of a city of the people is the cultural core of the Flora Expo. The Flora Expo is connected to the renovation and modernization of the Pengpu New Village neighborhood in terms of “coming back to a new home”. The tulips decorated around the buildings add a piece of “Jing’an warmth” to the new living spaces of citizens. Furthermore, the Tulip Expo goes deep into the Jing’an House, displaying a feeling of Sino-Western harmonization with colors of the “Shanghai Style” around a building that has overseen the vicissitudes of the city.

Source: Information Office of Jing’an District

Source: Information Office of Jing'an District