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The 2023 Huanghekou (Dongying City) Marathon: New Records Set

The 2023 Huanghekou (Dongying) Marathon begins in Dongying City, Shandong Province.

On Oct. 22, the 2023 Huanghekou (Dongying City) Marathon kicked off in Dongying City, Shandong Province. Robert Kipkorir Kwambai from Kenya claimed the men's championship, finishing in 2:08:27. The women's championship went to Ruti Aga Sora from Ethiopia, clocking in at 2:18:09. Both winners set new event records in their respective categories.

This competition featured the marathon, half marathon, and healthy running. With 30,112 runners from 14 countries and regions, this grand event took place at the estuary of the Yellow River, according to Information Office of Dongying Municipal People's Government.

The Huanghekou (Dongying City) Marathon is a leading Class A event in China. In 2023, Dongying City underwent a remarkable transformation for the marathon, with upgraded race tracks, a meticulously designed marathon scenic avenue, and captivating urban wetlands, parks, and sculptures. The course showcases the harmonious blend of modern urban civilization and stunning natural landscapes, characterized by a "blue and green intertwining, fresh and bright" atmosphere. With a flat and scenic route, Dongying highlights its distinct features as an ecological, spacious, and livable city, where "wetlands are within the city and the city is within the wetlands". Runners can revel in the unique charm of Dongying Marathon amid the city's picturesque beauty.

Dongying, a youthful, diverse, and vibrant city, thrives as the gateway of the Yellow River into the sea. It boasts the birthplace of Sun Wu, the martial sage, the emergence of the Shengli Oil Field, the origin of Lu opera, and the nurturing grounds of its splendid wetlands. Since its inaugural edition in 2008, the Huanghekou (Dongying City) Marathon has grown hand in hand with this dynamic city. It stands among China's pioneering Class A events and is a national sports industry demonstration project. As Dongying's splendid calling card and a joyous celebration for runners worldwide, the marathon has become an integral part of the city's remarkable journey.

Source: Information Office of Dongying Municipal People's Government

Source: Information Office of Dongying Municipal People's Government