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The 2023 TTV SUPER STAR: Performing list releases and invites you to celebrate Chinese New Year

The 2023 TTV SUPER STAR Celebrities: Show Lo & EXILE AKIRA/ photo credit: TTV

The world’s largest Chinese New Year’s Eve special television program SUPER STAR will premiere on TTV on January 21st. Celebrities at the 2023 TTV SUPER STAR event will deliver various performances, celebrating Chinese New Year together with the Mandarin-speaking population worldwide. The program unit has announced the first cast list, and today again released another list of popular singers. Show Lo and EXILE AKIRA from Japan will bring their exciting performances to the audience.

Show Lo, who goes by the pseudonym Beauty Lo this year, launched a new catchy song “Buy Winter Melon,” which set off a frenzy in Taiwan, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. Show Lo, who debuted 27 years ago, was famous for performing fast songs, but this year he released his new lyrical album, “Love Pass” to surprise his fans. “I will bring you a performance full of memories. I’ve adapted my old fast songs into a suite. It’s a gift for everyone on New Year’s Eve,” said Show Lo happily.

In 2019, EXILE AKIRA, the Japanese superstar, got married to Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-Ling. As Taiwan released its COVID restrictions, AKIRA started to work both in Taiwan and Japan. He ended his New Year’s performances in Taiwan and then started to prepare for the 2023 TTV SUPER STAR event. Akira said that he had been performing alone before becoming a member of EXILE. This time, he will be performing alone on the stage, which reminded him of his old days. “Through this performance, I hope I can let everyone know that by adhering to their dreams, there is a chance to stand on the big stage,” shared Akira. The program unit revealed that in addition to bringing a solo performance, Akira will work with a superstar to bring audiences an international-standard audiovisual feast.

The 2023 TTV SUPER STAR will be launched on January 14th at the Taipei Arena and will be broadcast on TTV on Lunar New Year’s Eve (January 21). Other broadcasting platforms include Taiwan Mobile MyVideo and MyMusic, Chunghwa Telecom MOD, Singapore StarHub, Astro in Malaysia and Brunei, and TTV SUPER STAR official YouTube channel (except in Taiwan and overseas licensed areas). There will be reruns on TTV HD Live, Unique Business News, North American Tiger tech (including USA and Canada), and so on. People all around the world can experience the Chinese New Year atmosphere of SUPER STAR through the above platforms.

Source: Taiwan Television Enterprise