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The 22nd China Harbin International Beer Festival Opens


On July 6th, the 22nd China Harbin International Beer Festival officially opened. As the “Capital of Chinese Beer”, Harbin extends a sincere invitation to guests from all over the world.

As an essential part of the “Charming Harbin Summer” cultural tourism and fashion event, the Harbin International Beer Festival, which is organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Heilongjiang Province, has become an important platform for Harbin to show its urban vitality and cultural connotation.

Image: The 22nd China Harbin International Beer Festival opens.

This year’s beer festival is held in the main area of Harbin Ice and Snow World, covering a total area of 300,000 square meters. It showcases over a thousand types of beer from more than 30 brands from over ten countries, including China, Germany, the United States, etc.

This year witnessed various formats such as beer tents, beer gardens, eco-camping areas, RV gathering spots, food streets, Zhilegu amusement parks, and national trend animation exhibition areas, this festival is the largest in terms of venue size, the richest in beer varieties, and the most diverse in formats.

On the opening day of the beer festival, Harbin issued “A Letter to the Citizens of Harbin: Welcome Guests from All Over the World with Refreshing Hospitality — Enjoy the Charming Summer in Harbin,” inviting friends from both home and abroad to join in the enchanting summer in Harbin and share the charm of “Erbin” in the summer.

The Guinness World Records official presented a certificate for the title of “World’s Largest Indoor Ice and Snow Theme Park” to Harbin Ice and Snow World Co., Ltd. at the opening ceremony. The Ice and Snow Mini World (Indoor Ice and Snow Pavilion), which holds the Guinness World Record title of “Largest Indoor Ice and Snow Theme Park,” is an immersive ice and snow light and shadow interactive experience pavilion. It adopts the most advanced international ice and snow sculpture concepts, techniques, and craftsmanship, establishing nine major themed zones and 13 experience projects for tourists to explore the mysteries of ice and snow and feel its charm.

Image: The 22nd China Harbin International Beer Festival opens.

“Charming Harbin Summer” is a tourism brand of the city of Harbin. With the goal of building a cultural city, “Charming Harbin Summer” focuses on the “Music Season,” “Summer Retreat Season,” “Health and Wellness Season,” and “Travel Photography Season.” Themed “Traveling in Heilongjiang in the Year of the Dragon: Discovering the Scenery of Ice City Summer,” it relies on seven major activity sections: “Erbin’s Joyful Vibrancy, Cool Summer Nights, Magnificent Performances, Companionable Evenings, New Fashion Trends, Patriotism and Family Values, and International Flair.” By fully integrating Harbin’s cultural tourism resources, it aims to create an internationally integrated, interactive, and entertaining “Charming Harbin Summer” city brand.

Source: The Department of Culture and Tourism of Heilongjiang Province