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The 7th Jiangsu Chrysanthemum Culture and Art Festival held in Sheyang, China

Aerial view of Hexiang Juhai Scenic Area

On October 20, the 7th Jiangsu Chrysanthemum Culture and Art Festival and the 28th Yangma Chrysanthemum Festival was held in Yangma Town, Sheyang County.

Yangma Town in Sheyang County has a history of over 60 years in the cultivation and processing of chrysanthemums for medicinal herbs. Yangma chrysanthemums are recognized as a national geographical indication protection product. The cultivation area in the entire town is maintained at around 35,000 mu throughout the year, which has stimulated the planting area in surrounding areas to reach 200,000 mu. It has become the largest national production base for medicinal chrysanthemums. White chrysanthemum production accounts for 70% of the national market. The town is home to more than 60 chrysanthemum processing enterprises, processing 75,000 tons of medicinal herbs annually. The industry's annual output value reaches 800 million yuan, according to the Sheyang Hexiang Juhai Scenic Area.

During the opening ceremony, the prototype of the automated chrysanthemum picking machine developed by Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry garnered the attention of all attendees. It can accurately harvest chrysanthemums, with an operating efficiency of approximately 5 mu per hour and a high success rate of 85%. This mechanization significantly reduces costs and enhances chrysanthemum farmers' income.

Wu Gangyu, Secretary of CPC Sheyang County Committee, stated that it is actively constructing a modern agricultural industry system, production system, and operation system, promoting the deep integration of the first, second, and third industries. It utilizes the "chrysanthemum economy" to drive rural revitalization and further enrich the connotations of integrated development in "agriculture + industry", "agriculture + tourism", and "agriculture + culture". They continue to expand the "circle of friends" for cooperation and exchanges in traditional Chinese medicine, striving to create a business pattern with chrysanthemum planting as the lead, extended by processing, trading, and logistics, and centered around cultural leisure and health preservation. The goal is for "Su Chrysanthemum" to truly become the "wealth flower" for the rural population and the "internet-famous flower" for rural tourism.

This Chrysanthemum Festival will continue for one month. Throughout the festival, activities such as the Jiangsu Chrysanthemum High-Quality Development Forum and the 2023 "Enjoy Sheyang's Fresh" Special Agricultural Product Exhibition will be organized.

Source: Sheyang Hexiang Juhai Scenic Area