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The First Ai Anchor Adopted By CCTV In Cooperation With Deepbrain AI.

AI anchor Wang will be introduced through a featured program. A special program in which real anchors and AI anchors communicate together for the first time.

AI anchor Wang, the first AI anchor adopted by the Chinese Central Television (hereinafter referred to as CCTV), will be introduced this March through a featured program. AI anchor Wang also will be actively used in news and economic programs from this year. The AI anchor of CCTV, with its natural voices and facial expressions, is an AI human made with DeepBrain AI’s deep learning technology.

The principle of making DeepBrain AI’s AI human is as follows. Artificial Intelligence learns hundreds of sentences of recorded video to learn the person’s voice, accent, and gestures. When provided with a script, an AI Human created through the process would pronounce the script as the actual person. This includes AI speech synthesis, video synthesis, and natural language processing technology. Once the AI Human is trained, it can reduce the time and cost of having to record a real person every time a video content is made. Unlike the existing front-centered AI human, the CCTV anchor is a 3D AI model that has been implemented up to the side, and advanced technology has been applied. Lastly, depending on how it is taught, real-time communication with people is also possible.

More about DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is one of the top global companies that possess both deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis source technology. The technology can be implemented in various forms regardless of industry fields such as AI announcer, AI anchor, AI banker, AI tutor, AI show host, AI kiosk, AI video consultation, AI concierge, AI doctor, AI lawyer and many more.

DeepBrain AI CEO Eric Jang said, “As a result of acquiring a clear competitive edge in the field of artificial intelligence recognized domestically as well as globally, we were able to successfully secure the Series B investment last August. To be reborn as a global leading company, we will actively strive to expand business scale and develop new technologies with AI human solution.”

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SOURCE: DeepBrain AI