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The Fourth Binzhou Talent Festival Held with the Theme of “Win with Talent”


The fourth Binzhou Talent Festival with the theme of "Win with Talent" has recently been held in Binzhou City of Shandong, China. The talent festival this year focused on building a highland for talents at the Yellow River Basin and a youth-friendly city. Under the guiding thought of "based in Binzhou, connecting nationwide, and facing the world", the festival set up a main venue in Binzhou, with branch venues in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Shenzhen, as well as special sessions in 10 cities, counties, and districts. Over the course of three days, 111 activities were held to create a new ecosystem of mutual growth and development in the "City of Industry and Talent". The festival centered around the idea of "accomplishing the talented people's dreams and the city's future", showcasing Binzhou's desire for and respect towards talent as a "wise city" through the involvement and interaction of talents, according to the Information Office of Binzhou Municipal People's Government.

To attract more outstanding talents to Binzhou for innovation and entrepreneurship, the city has taken the lead in establishing the Binzhou Talent Festival since 2020. This exclusive festival for talents is held once a year and features a series of diverse and vibrant talent-related activities. To date, three editions of the festival have been successfully held, with a total of 238 activities organized in collaboration with cities and counties. These activities have attracted over 20,000 participants and facilitated the signing of more than 150 projects on-site, generating a significant impact both within and outside Shandong Province. Over the past three years, the Binzhou Talent Festival has gained recognition as a well-known talent event in Shandong, with the slogan "Win with Talent" serving as a distinct brand that symbolizes Binzhou's talent development.

Source: The Information Office of Binzhou Municipal People's Government

Source: The Information Office of Binzhou Municipal People's Government