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The Fourth World Lemon Industry Development Conference was held in Anyue, China

ANYUE, China

On October 18, the Fourth World Lemon Industry Development Conference, organized by Anyue County People's Government, was held in Anyue County, Sichuan Province. This conference, centered on the theme of "branding and marketing", attracted over 200 individuals including experts and professors from Argentina, Italy, and China, as well as from more than 40 enterprises such as JD Logistics, Budweiser Beer, and Mixue Bingcheng (MXBC), to gather in Anyue. At the event, seven projects, including the Budweiser Beer Anyue Lime Base Project and the Russia's 20,000-ton Lemon Procurement Project were contracted.

On the day of the event, the Lemon Industry Chain International (Technology) Cooperation and Exchange Conference and the Lemon Branding Sharing Conference & Investment Promotion Conference were successively held, providing participants with a professional platform for face-to-face experience exchange, international cooperation, and economic and trade negotiations. Experts, scholars, and business representatives from home and abroad discussed and shared their experience on lemon's medicinal value, storage, processing, branding, and the path to implement integrated development of the entire lemon industry chain.

Anyue County, located in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, China, is one of the five major lemon producing areas in the world and the only commercial lemon production base in China, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Lemons". Through approximately a century of cultivation since the introduction of lemons in the 1920s, Anyue has developed the Eureka variety with higher quality – Anyue Lemon. Relying on a humid and warm ecological climate and high-quality soil conditions, Anyue Lemon is rich in nutrients such as citric acid, VC, and antioxidants, making it superior to other varieties. It is therefore an ideal variety not only suitable for fresh consumption but also for processing, and Anyue has become the most suitable area for planting quality lemons.

Empowered by high technology, scientific planting, and intelligent management, the yield of Anyue Lemon has increased from 3,000 to 5,000 catties per mu, and it is exported to 38 countries and regions including Russia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, with the export volume increasing year after year. According to Tian Jinghua, Director of the Anyue Lemon Industry Development Center, "In 2023, both the yield and quality of Anyue Lemon have seen a significant improvement, and the domestic and foreign markets are showing a positive trend of growth. Leading companies, represented by Zhongan Group Puyuan Agriculture, are continuously expanding their markets at home and abroad, and self-operated exports are expected to achieve new breakthroughs."

From October to December, Anyue will also carry out an array of events, such as the Lemon Food Carnival and Anyue Lemon Branding & Marketing Session, in a bid to further enhance the brand awareness and influence of "Anyue Lemon".

Source: Anyue County People's Government