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The Green and Low-carbon Transformation Practices in Jiangsu Province of China Have Attracted Attention at COP28


The 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) was opened in Dubai on November 30th and will run until December 12th. This conference marks a significant step forward in global climate governance. During the event, Jiangsu, an eastern province in China, showcased its efforts toward green and low-carbon transformation through exhibitions, presentations, specialized sessions, and various activities. These initiatives received extensive attention from attendees and the local media in the United Arab Emirates.

An article titled "Jiangsu Province Puts Green Initiatives and Environmental Protection in Focus amid Global Climate Change Efforts" was published in "The National", a newspaper from the United Arab Emirates, on December 2nd. The article was published in anticipation of COP28, an international conference on climate change. On December 3rd, the COP28 Jiangsu-themed exhibition opened at Expo City Dubai, showcasing the achievements of Jiangsu Province in combating climate change. The exhibition displayed outstanding cases of green and low-carbon development practices from cities such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Nantong, Yancheng, and Yangzhou. On December 4th, a special event titled "Jiangsu's Green and Low-Carbon Development Practices" was held within the Chinese section of Dubai Expo City. The event aimed to exhibit and share the actions and effectiveness of various levels of government and sectors of society in Jiangsu in response to climate change.

Lu Weidong, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group in the Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province, has announced that the province is actively promoting a comprehensive green transformation in both economic and social development. The aim is to accelerate the construction of a modern society where humans can coexist harmoniously with nature. This approach has already yielded valuable results in terms of high-quality development and high-level protection. The province's outstanding performance is particularly evident in the "Three Increases and One Decrease" initiative, which has led to a clear improvement in the high-quality development of the region.

Jiangsu is a province worth observing due to its high-level protection that drives high-quality development. Despite covering only 1.1% of the country's land area, it supports 6% of the population and generates over 10% of the total economic output. However, as a province with a significant economy and population but limited land and resources, Jiangsu faces considerable tension. Nevertheless, through green transformation, this tension has been converted into survivability, competitiveness, development capacity, and sustainability.

Jiangsu has been actively promoting the development of local iconic industries such as new energy, energy storage, smart grids, green materials, and new energy vehicles in recent years. This has resulted in the creation of a trillion-level low-carbon new economic volume, making green and low-carbon initiatives a new growth point in the national economy. By the end of 2022, the province had achieved a 64.3% protection rate for natural wetlands, continuously strengthening water security and showcasing an increasingly prominent green foundation. The concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" is gradually becoming a reality where environmental conservation translates into economic wealth.

Source: The Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province