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The Mall Group: Propagating Thailand as the go-to tourist destination for Japan and Korea

Festive vibrancy with The Mall Group

As the global economy gradually recovers itself following the debilitating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism industry of Thailand is slowly following suit by capitalizing on alleviated travel restrictions and a resurgence of the tourism sector across the region. The prerogative is now on Thailand to channel the growing influx of visitors and shoppers from Japan and Korea to the shopping malls available in Thailand, with The Mall Group (TMG) playing a predominant role in driving this onus.


As one of the leading shopping mall chains in Thailand, TMG is spearheading this initiative with their lineup of bespoke mall offerings. Featuring an impressive repertoire of shopping malls including the world-renowned Siam Paragon in downtown Bangkok and the highly heralded EM District in the Sukhumvit district, TMG certainly has the attractions to tickle a shopper’s fancy.

Thailand is a melting pot of heritage and culture, an accolade further represented by TMG’s impressive array of tenants showcased in their malls. Traditionally, visitors from Japan and Korea have always had a keen eye on the rich vein of culture exhibited in local Thai products and offerings, and TMG has evidently played this to their strengths.

Siam Paragon and EM District’s dining selection will render patrons essentially spoilt for choice with more than 300 restaurants and cafes to choose from. Known for their affinity for beauty and boutique products, Japanese and Koreans who have an eye on luxury and splendor can feast their tingles on the luxury brands on offer at TMG’s malls. Shoppers are also encouraged to drop by the selfie corner for a photographic memento after they are done with their shopping exploits.

In hopes of bridging the divide between international brands and local vendors, The Mall Group has also set their sights on encouraging more local tenants to have a presence in their malls. While international brands bring the much-needed prestige to TMG’s malls, it is the local vendors that best showcase the true intrinsic values of Thai culture.

“The crippling effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has left a reverberating impact on all of us. Now that the worst of it appears to be over, we will set our sights on promoting and improving Thailand as the preferred shopping destination for people from Japan and Korea”, said Miss Voralak Tulaphorn, the Chief Marketing Officer of The Mall Group.

“We hope that our mall offerings can further solidify Thailand as the ideal tourist and shopping destination, all the while showcasing the best of what Thailand has to offer”, Miss Voralak further added.

The resurgence in the global economy has also been reciprocated by the continued increase in the spending tendencies of both Japanese and Korean tourists, with estimates showing a doubling of average spendings compared to pre-pandemic times. In hopes of capitalizing on this increased spending habit, The Mall Group is also launching new promotional campaigns as a way to incentivize their Japanese and Korean shoppers. Shoppers can now enjoy an additional 5% discounts when they download a tourist card, and are entitled to a 600THB cash coupon when they achieve a cumulative expenditure of 20,000THB at the department store.

The number of tourists from Japan and Korea making their way to Thailand has seen a steady increase month on month, making up an estimate of 16 percent of the total tourists from Asian countries. This figure is expected to increase in the coming months as people embrace and welcome new travelling opportunities.

Source: The Mall Group