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The new B.R.M Chronographes FF39-40 is the first automatic watch protected against both vertical and horizontal shocks


B.R.M Chronographes brings mechanical hypertechnology to watchmaking with ingenious silent blocks isolators and toroid belts. B.R.M Chronographes Full Floating concept adopts a complex architecture employing five ribbed silent blocks, each 1.2 mm thick, and two 1 mm belts, whose nitrile composition is formed in molds specially developed in the manufacture. Together, these advanced materials create a floating movement that eliminates vibration and protects the watch’s engine-like core to a degree never achieved before.

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The B.R.M Chronographes mechanical movement is encased in a self-supporting ring of hard-anodized Fortal® HR, a high-strength, lightweight aerospace industry alloy, enabling the silent blocks to perfectly support the vertical plane. Stainless steel micro-screws, machined by material removal, compress a micro-fine carbon strut bar, limiting the cage’s lateral displacement. Simultaneously, two belts ensure horizontal stability for the automatic movement, while the movement’s cylinder, with its constant and secure motion control, optimizes the force of the spring and provides a power reserve of 38 hours.

The sporting look that is a hallmark of B.R.M Chronographes timepieces is evident in the decorative ratchet that showcases the movement when viewed from directly above. The balance, machined from a bar of eloxated Fortal® HR, maintains perfect timekeeping in six positions. Functional yet ingenious, the B.R.M Chronographes FF39-40 is a tour de force that brings state-of-the-art materials and technology to age-old watchmaking tradition.

Though technically complex, the shape of the B.R.M Chronographes FF39-40 evokes a minimalist aesthetic, expressed by an isosceles trapezoid with rounded corners. The result is a futuristic look, thanks in part to the brushed finish and black PVD treatment of the bezel. And yet the keen eye will spot a B.R.M Chronographes house specialty—screw-on lugs—here redesigned as cylinders.

B.R.M Chronographes

Ivelina Kolev

About B.R.M Chronographes

Established in 2003, the French watchmaking manufacture of B.R.M Chronographes is the brainchild of founder Bernard Richards, a man of abiding passion for precision mechanics. Totally independent, its workshops located on the outskirts of Paris, B.R.M Chronographes is devoted entirely to the production of unique pieces: all of them hand-finished and fully customizable thanks to the manufacture’s online configurator.

In 2021 the manufacture was named a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) by the French government, in recognition of its excellence in French craftsmanship and of its daily commitment to technological innovation and environmental concern.

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SOURCE: B.R.M. – Bernard Richards Manufacture